'news' What The Hell Are We Watching?

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Khandro | 23:34 Thu 12th Apr 2018 | News
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All channels have been working all day on horror scenarios of total East/ West Armageddon and despite the facts that Trump is now wobbling, and the Syrian forces have now control of Ghouta, they continue, all based on completely uncorroborated mobile phone pics of children being splashed with water. Pathetic attempts by Sky News to conflate this imaginary to the chemical weapon attack with the Salisbury caper.

Sky anchor, Dermot Murnaghan dons an overcoat, scarf and gloves and pretends, against a filmed background, that he is in Red square, with nothing to say in relation to him being there, instead talks about events in London, in fact he goes "over to" the real Moscow corespondent who I think really is in Moscow but he doesn't seem to know where she is.


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It is getting tiresome. Other news channels are just as bad. The Americans are working themselves into a frenzy and like England, you've got the pros and antis.
the meeja love a "crisis" khandro and they can make their own!
MSM lost it's way years ago.
Question Author
All I can find is for MSM is 'METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE' ?
Which is either a miracle cure for arthritis or it maybe snake oil :0)
wouldn't like to have to ask for it in the chemist khandro
MSM = mainstream media

The Americans are possibly/probably going to retaliate/attack (depending on POV), we are almost certainly going to support them if they do, and efforts are taking place to ensure that this does not result in escalation. But those efforts may fail, and that is what is concerning people.
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Here's a turn up for the books, I find I'm agreeing with The Morning Star, Jeremy's favourite journal;

“Today, the pretext for escalating Britain’s military involvement in Syria is that the Assad regime — the internationally recognised, legitimate and elected government in Damascus — is guilty of a poison gas attack on the citizens of Douma. Film of the aftermath, broadcast across the world in recent days, shows a troupe of very camera-conscious young men washing down the victims, all of whom are children, most of them looking more bewildered than wounded or incapacitated, and without a distressed parent or relative in sight.”
There are a lot of moving parts here, involving Syria, Russia, USA, Iran, Palestine, Hezbollah, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, France, etc. ...

Keeping it simple, if we say there are two sides, "our side" and "the other side", then from our side's POV the other side has used chemical weapons against its own people and that needs to be punished/prevented from happening again; from the other side's POV we are looking for excuses to bomb them and weaken the axis of power that (among other things) makes Israel feel threatened. So Corbyn, in getting involved, is drawn back towards the Jewish debate, and what side does he find himself on again?
No I have to say
I have missed the armageddon bit

I think even the Russians realised that the White House is a 50 m zone of alternative reality and take that into account.

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You might say, "They would say that wouldn't they", but it seems highly plausible to me at least, and certainly insufficient evidence on which to base WW3;

A dark day indeed for the Morning Star.
And to think once thought I was cool having it in my supermarket trolley.
Shame on me
Question Author
ichi; //A dark day indeed for the Morning Star.//

Coming from you that figures, what with your morbid hatred for anything Russian, you sound as if you wish there had been a chemical attack, which there wasn't, it's all [i] un coup de théâtre [i] all round.
Khandro. If you really think there wasn't a chemical weapons attack in Syria you must be barking bonkers, as must the others on this thread. Plus the traditional left-wing rubbish about the media (which doesn't include the Russian media, of course).
You don't know what you're talking about khandro, with the greatest of respect.
A newspaper that purports to speak for the oppressed and the poor, casually dismissing a war crime as a set-up, when it cannot possibly have any reason to do so other than hated of "western imperialism" is not worth using as bog roll.
I was a useful idiot once (maybe not all that useful)
No longer
I can tell you what we're not watching,
Some poor intern will lose their job in the morning. ;)
The latest nonsense from the Kremlin is that there WAS a chemical attack (so presumably the Morning Star is wrong) staged by Britain. I suppose if you are going to tell a lie tell a big one. As in an absolute monster of a whopper of a lie
Avatar Image scooping
'Khandro. If you really think there wasn't a chemical weapons attack in Syria you must be barking bonkers, as must the others on this thread.'

No need to be rude, scooping. Whatever you think you know, trust me, you know nothing.
You're entitled to an opinion, as is khandro.
How about sharing the reason you 'know' this gas attack was real.
Then one of you might be proved right in time.
The stink of rotten fish is palpable. “Something rotten in the state of, insert appropriate “
"The latest nonsense from the Kremlin is that there WAS a chemical attack (so presumably the Morning Star is wrong) staged by Britain"

just as in your other attempt to pervert the facts today i.e. " A few weeks ago the head of the Russian armed forces himself actually stated that Stria was planning a chemical weapons attack. Why he did that is not clear. "

the Russians are claiming that there was no REAL chemical attack, only a claimed {staged} one.
I’m afraid he did do just that seven. But it was the rebels he was accusing. So actually it’s almost not worth reporting.
One minute the Kremlin says there was no gas attack, then they say there was but it was:(insert as appropriate)
I doubt if they much care that they contradict themselves. The aim seems to be cause confusion and delay (in the words of the Fat Controller)
The facts are clear tho in the midst of all the crap

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