Dr Sqad Gets 12 Y In The Slammer

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Peter Pedant | 13:36 Thu 05th Apr 2018 | News
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and thereafter has to give advice on AB under strict supervision

Brave pensioner AOG asks: why oh why do we allow these mass murdering doctors like Shipman, Crippen and Sqad to stalk our streets, shooting, exploding and yes ! poisoning all and sundry - host and stranger, friend or foe? Black or white - man or woman and those people in-between ?

I think we all now agree that the Skripal nerve gas case can be laid at Sqad's door. It is obnvious that every doctor over 60 should be deported or interned without delay. The nurses can do the doctors work in hospital - well they do anyway. Internment with hard labout and without trial.

and now we have Dr Nigel Watt - previously A+E consultant - treating shot gun injuries and now we find - creating them with an arsenal of reactivated weapons that would make an ISIS terrorist GREEN with envy.

OK it was nt Dr Sqad at all - I just said that to get you to read this
It was the man Watt - planning mass murder of the colleagues who fired him, without a thought of the on-cost to the health service. 12 y seems all to short a term. Sentenced at midday to day - not a moment too soon. Thank God for AB and the sane posters we find there is what I say.

But anyway EVEN if it werent Sqad - and the evidence is sparse
we should ask - what are medical schools turning out these days ?

Look this is a spoof for those who have got this far


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Oh so it is not against site rules to headline one's thread that an AB member has been sentenced to 12 years in gaol and lie that another AB member as asked why the mass murdering AB member is allowed to walk the streets? Well if that is not against site rules I don't know what is.
16:34 Thu 05th Apr 2018
Disciplinary proceedings
The court heard Dr Watt was off work on health grounds after suffering a heart attack and having surgery.
He was due to get back to work on a phased return but was "upset" by this and never returned.
Jurors were told the A&E consultant was subsequently dismissed after disciplinary proceedings.
LOL...c'mon chaps, just note the was PP....nuff said !
In any event, as I believe Sqad was a surgeon his proper title should be Mr, not Dr.
How can you libel an anonymous user on a website ?

Breaking Site Rules might be an altogether different kettle of fish
Question Author
Thank you for all your kind thoughts - many comments were in the spirit of the piece - [off the wall]

Dr Watt was off for a year - and had a phased return to work which attracted complaints. He was subjected to a disciplinary procedure and 'did not engage' with it
and was fired.

he was indicted after the delivery of his last decommissioned automatic and had spent time constructing his own ammunition

possession of an unlicensed firearm starts off at 2 y apparently
The bottom line is that there is a bottom line, which says:
"Look this is a spoof for those who have got this far".
Thus negating any libel issues.

The guy (the doc, not PP) is seriously, dangerously nuts. Surely nobody becomes that crazy overnight.
Hell hath no fury like a consultant scorned ...
//The guy (the doc, not PP) is seriously, dangerously nuts. Surely nobody becomes that crazy overnight//

Parochial treasure PP is seriously, but entertainingly nuts. I don't think he became that entertainingly dotty overnight, but he did start with a natural advantage.

(My turn to be a shrink. Athenian democracy, geddit?)

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Dr Sqad Gets 12 Y In The Slammer

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