Yet Another 'child' Refugee Misbehaves.

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anotheoldgit | 13:09 Thu 22nd Mar 2018 | News
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/// The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was to piggyback on the killer's arrest to highlight what it says are the dangers of unregulated immigration. It calls Maria a 'victim of Merkel's welcome culture.' ///

When are all of Europe's leaders going to realise the dangers of unregulated immigration?


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I think they do realise it - they cannot fail to see the evidence unfolding daily.

But realising something, and being able to do something about it, are two different things.
Vile murderous man, hope life does mean life.
Europe's leaders
Jailed for life. ie given asylum in Germany for life.
apologies meant to say some of europes leaders adopt the "ostrich syndrome" in these matters
It seems to me that most of Europe is adopting the ostrich syndrome.
Being able to do something and wanting to do something are two different things too.

It's all part of the plan, for present they just keep quiet hoping it will go away.
Mp’s acting like ostriches...

Sack Mp’s and employ ostriches Who act like mp’s.
Ostriches would not follow the plan of The Establishment though.
That’ll be to protocol of those higher up in the pecking order
they won't realise it until its too late, which quite honestly is now.
it could be stopped, but it would be very radical and upsetting for some people, after all the germans had first hand experience, in all honesty, they could stop all further migration right now, and start deporting without the courts approval, national emergency etc, let the military do the job without their hands tied, close the frontier iron curtain so to speak.

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Yet Another 'child' Refugee Misbehaves.

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