Uk 'brexit Blue' Passports Will Be Made In The Eu>

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EDDIE51 | 10:26 Thu 22nd Mar 2018 | News
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Heard it on the 9 o'clock news and haven't stopped chuckling since.
To be honest if and when i need a new passport i dont care about the colour or who made it in which country as long as i get it in time for me to use it!
Question Author
Their bid was over £50 million cheaper than the bids from UK companies .
So should we go with the cheapest bid or insist on doing them in the UK and pay £50 million more?
So what? We'll be free to buy from wherever we see fit and sell to wherever we see fit. Load of nonsense.
agree naomi
Yes pay the extra £50 million for the sake of embarrassment :-)
When we leave the EU will the company pull out of the contract on the grounds that they won't trade with the UK?
-- answer removed --
I really don't see why this is news.

Trade works on the basis of what you want, for the cheapest price you can get it, there is no mystery to that.

So if a European company wants the business, it puts in a bid, it wins, and gets the contract.

That's not news, that's basic trading agreements - which is exactly what all the European companies will be doing when we leave the EU.
The danger in outsourcing this work to Europe is that the Passports may well be fixed to play "Ode to Joy" whenever they are scanned ...

... but otherwise I don't see the problem.
PS : I'm sorry that whoever removed my previous post is not a fan of the wonderful Officer Crabtree ... ah well, perhaps I should have explained the gag.
sunny-dave, I'm a fan of the marvellous Officer Crabtree. Tell it again. I promise to laugh. :o)
don't suppose we can have a 'removed posts' category, i miss all the best bits
More like how about this Remoaners - Europe will still be putting business and trade our way. Ha!
Indeed Prudie.

I have been saying that since the Brexit vote was completed.

Trade is about selling goods or services to a customer for an agreed price. That will not stop simply because we are not in the EU!
You couldn't make it up.
Ludwig - // You couldn't make it up. //

I little enigmatic for me, and maybe others - care to elaborate?
Gemalto. Has offices and premises in 47 Countries including the UK.

Gemalto (London)
1st Floor, GPS House
215 great Portland Street.

Enterprise Security & Software Monetization Sales - EMEA
Rivercourt, 3 Meadows Business Park
Station Approach, Blackwater
GU17 9AB Camberley.

Gemalto Cogent (Docklands)
35 Harbour Exchange Square
E14 9GE London.

Gemalto UK Ltd (Fareham) (Cards)
Concorde Way, Segensworth North Hampshire
PO15 5RX Fareham
United Kingdom.

Gemalto UK Ltd
Martin Road
Nest Business Park
PO9 5TL Havant
United Kingdom.
// care to elaborate? //

The contract for printing the old EU red style passports was done by a British company for the past 6 years.

The contract for printing the new British style blue passports - (specifically designed I believe to represent our impending post-brexit EU independent status) has been awarded to a French company.

You couldn't make it up. Not that enigmatic surely?

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Uk 'brexit Blue' Passports Will Be Made In The Eu>

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