Uk 'brexit Blue' Passports Will Be Made In The Eu>

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EDDIE51 | 10:26 Thu 22nd Mar 2018 | News
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Government contract (may) be awarded to company bidding massively low.

What could possibly go wrong?

Errr, umm, we didn't factor in the (insert BS here) and therefore need extra loot to complete.

Anyway, last I heard 'Downing Street' hadn't decided, it'll depend how much flak they attract from the papers and breakfast telly tomorrow, not forgetting the Twitter storm that's sure to blow in as to where the contract ultimately ends up.
This is only news for Remainers who think the world is going to inexplicably shrink post Brexit.

The vast majority of Brexiters knew, know and understand that it will expand.
Actually having seen the front pages of the papers and the todo they are making of this and that there hasn't been a Brexiter on here who gives much of a fig about it sort of proves the point that Brexiters weren't particularly swayed by headlines and fake news. We saw through all the gumpf and propaganda of remain and leave and came to a considered decision.

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Uk 'brexit Blue' Passports Will Be Made In The Eu>

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