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They met in 2015 do its possible she was 16 when they met so blind love of sinister love?
I think it's no-one's business who falls in love with who. They are an established couple who have two children and are the victims of criminal behaviour. People need to be less vigilante about two adults choosing to live together, and behave in a more acceptable way. I feel really sorry for them and I hope they find the people responsible and make an example of them.

///16 when they met so blind love of sinister love///

Not sure what that ^^ means tbh.
typo ? or ?

really their business !
Question Author
One thing I don’t understand is why the metro has published where they’ve moved to?
This must have been done with the couples permission but I would have thought it’s better to say “moved to a secret location”

“Beth Telford, 19 and partner Andy, 46, moved 170 miles away from North Wales to Nelson in Lancashire after receiving abusive comments from locals.
My thoughts are people should mind their own business and leave them in peace.
Not quiet the same age gap but my sister was 19 when she married her 30 yr old partner (who had a child from a previous marriage), everyone was against it and said it was doomed etc. They have been married over 40 yrs now.
Theyre parents of 2 youngsters whose lives should be disturbed unless for good reason. Good luck to them.
If only Andy had stuck with Welsh tradition he wouldn't have to feel upset or sheepish about the age difference.
^^ lives should #not be disturbed
I agree with everyone else here. No one's business at all. Calling him a 'pedo' shows the utter ignorance of the idiots who sprayed it on his van.
There is a similar age gap between me and my partner, and everyone just carried on as usual when we started going out.
I wish them all the best, it proves to me that Love has no bounderies as she's such a pretty young lady... and come' on look at that fella. I'm sure he's a lovely man and caring family fella. I do find what has happened despicable though why that had to keep movivn' etc. Live and let live is what I say.
They are both entitled to a happy life despite what some petty people may think, hope they settle well in Lancashire.
Was that the same part of Wales where the locals started attacking a paediatrician?
This is a seemingly loving family unit of four people.
My view is that can only be a good thing.
It is no business of anyone’s except them.

Too many people wait around ready to be offended these days.
Well keep a welcome in the hillside.
Well keep a welcome in the Glen.
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home sweet home again.

Or not.
How do they feel about teeth in Wales?
Was that painted on the other side of the van?
as a male take your age, divide by two and add seven so 29 ideal.....or so.....I think add nine works better.
//as a male take your age, divide by two and add seven so 29 ideal//

I am close to 70 if there are any 42 year-old women out there looking for their ideal partner.

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