I Think He Means The Eu Will Regret Making Brexit Innevitable.....

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ToraToraTora | 17:51 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | News
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Yep, I think that is a fair OP.
Brexit was brought about by non-UK-tax-paying multimillionaires brainwashing you poor gullible sops into protecting their interests above your own.
^That's a new one. :o)))
I think the EU has more to lose than us, as long as we stand together.
I am perturbed that so many people do not understand this.
Question Author
like Branson you mean? oh hang on! err Sugar? nope! struggling mate!
We will never get a good deal from the Eu all the while we are in it. They have a vested interest to big themselves up and keep the lie going for as long as possible.

As long as we don't allow ourselves to believe the crap they spout and not succumb to their bullying we should prove him and the naysayers wrong.
“Brexit was brought about by non-UK-tax-paying multimillionaires brainwashing you poor gullible sops into protecting their interests above your own.”

I’m afraid you are completely wrong, TC (at least as far as this poor gullible sop is concerned). I decided in 1992 that, if given the chance, I would support any campaign which aimed to extract the UK from the EU. This had nothing to do with any non-UK-tax-paying multimillionaires. My decision was made simply on the basis that it was clear then that the Euromaniacs’ ultimate aim was to see individual nations stripped of their sovereignty and a Federal Union with nations taking their instructions from Brussels would reign.

Nothing in the referendum campaign was presented to counter that view and the EU’s reaction since the vote has reinforced my belief. In my view, the “poor gullible sops” you refer to are those souls who believe their future lies in being ruled by a bunch of unelected foreign civil servants who have not the slightest interest in the wellbeing of the UK (or indeed any other member nation) but instead will do all they can to preserve the integrity of their wretched Union. Unfortunately many of those poor sops have known nothing else.
Question Author
yes, bang on judge. Thechair, your remainers used only project fear in their campaign, they, then, an now, seem incapable of telling us anything good about the EU. It should not come as a surprise that brexit won, no one could tell us anything good. We were expected to swallow wet platitudes about togetherness and free movement etc.
The way to preserve the integrity of a union, is to look after the wellbeing of members. Hopefully it will learn from this experience.
18.23 "Brainwashing you poor Gullible sops" PMSL. ROFL.
"Hopefully it will learn from this experience."

Not a chance. The wellbeing of its members is of no concern. It is the European Project (to turn Europe into a Federation ruled from Brussels) which matters and nothing else. These two concepts are completely incompatible. That may not have been so when the Union consisted of no more than a dozen fairly similar economies. But now it is comprised of twenty-eight nations as disparate as Romania and Germany there is not a chance of the individual nations being considered.

DSO and Bar. Roger and out.
): NJ
21.15 DH are you recieving me?
You've got it bad, NJ. Of course there is every chance the EU will learn from this.

A club has to listen to its members but that doesn't mean every member gets what it wants. It just means it has to do what is best for the club, which it didn't with the migration issue for example.
Of course the EU will learn from this.

It will learn that to keep an iron fist on the nape of the neck of nations it needs to reign them in. Give the poor countries hush money while offering protection to the rest. They will learn that they need to rid themselves of nation states and nationhood and in its place dictate from Brussels all that the poor people should do think and accept.
You have hit the nail squarely on the head there, cassa.
In a viable country it's in all it's citizens' interests to have control of their own country. Were there any brainwashing it must be to ignore and deny this obvious truth, and call instead to be controlled from an outside elite.
What he means is 'Ve haf vays of making you regret your decision'.
Up to us to prove the old drunk wrong then.

Brandy anyone?

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I Think He Means The Eu Will Regret Making Brexit Innevitable.....

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