Tillerson Fired By Tweet

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Kromovaracun | 16:12 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | News
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Why does the Trump white house struggle so much to keep people?


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A current list of white house departures:

I wonder how long that list will stay up-to-date...
As Tillerson doesn't do twitter, chances are Trump's twitter followers knew before Tillerson did.
The President says it all - my way or the highway.
>>> Why does the Trump white house struggle so much to keep people?

Surely that can be answered in just two words, can't it?

"Donald Trump"
It can't be easy working for an imbecilic egomaniac.
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I think they were all, or just about all, actually appointed by Trump. Certainly all the White House staff would have been.
When Mr Trump was running his businesses, it's reasonable to assume that he knew the sort of person he wanted to hire, and their credentials, so he could hire and fire as he wished, and did.

Now he is President, and has absolutely no idea how to assess the worth and capabilities of people he needs to help him perform his duties, so he hires them on the basis of whether or not he likes them.

He then finds out that either they are simply not suitable for their role, or he doesn't like them, or they don't say yes to him on a regular basis, or permutations of all of those.

And that's when the firing starts.
"irradiate", Spath?

Ruddy eck! So you mean that he's actually got nuclear materials in the White House?

"eradicate", perhaps???
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Apparently he found his new trade secretary by googling people who didn't like China.
And he has blamed "chemistry" for the falling out with Tillerson.
He hasn't said a word so far about other even more harmful uses of chemistry though.
Isn't it interesting- some are very quick to criticise the americans but curiously don't seem to replicate the gleeful finger-pointing when a similar scenario (in fact much more farcical) is playing out over here in the UK.

Are you similarly outraged that 97 members of Jeremy Corbyn's front-bench have either been sacked or resigned since the leader of the opposition took office? That's a third of all Labour MP's!

Put's Trump's staff turnover in perspective!
“Why does the Trump white house struggle so much to keep people?”

It’s called “dead wood syndrome”

The dictators, the amins, gadaffis, Hussain’s,mugabis,jongs, Mussolini’s etc... “fire” dead wood by executing them, here in the west we frame them and then fire them.
Hazi, spot the difference. Labour aren't in power.
// It can't be easy working for an imbecilic egomaniac. //

The word Tillerson actually used to describe Trump was ‘Moron’.
two words being the limit (Twitter?), 'stoopid moron.'

I wonder what Bojo thinks.....
And on Hazi's rant, I would still use the same words.
To be fair there is a similarity. Corbyn and Trump were both elected leader despite the party grandees not wanting them. And the resulting party staff have been at odds with the leader.
My opinion?

No 45 and his team routinely lie. They say whatever suits their purpose at the time, then bully, lie again and attack sources if anyone calls them out.

When his team fail to lie in order to keep up appearances, they are sacked.

That was why Hope Hicks had to go:

That's why Tillerson went. He failed to lie about Russia. He broke the code.

The trumpet is claiming that it was over Iran......what bull and the Ed won't allow me to use the t..t word in its true second context meaning but Trump is that as well.

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Tillerson Fired By Tweet

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