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It isn’t possible to ‘check everything out’.
It’s difficult even for so called experts fully to gauge the process and impact of Brexit, never mind ordinary voters.
Brexit was sold as something simple. Any attempt to counter that was simply denounced as project fear
I really hate metaphors likening a vote to a purchase. A vote is morally binding, buying a car is not. Not everything is reducible to simple metaphors.

As I said on another thread, the UK is trapped between two bad scenarios: implement Brexit or ignore Brexit. At this point both of these present threats to our economy and/or society, and there isn't a "third way."
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Baldric, if i miss understood it’s because the infomation wasn’t garunteed
// Apparently there is majority popular support for a referendum on the terms of leaving. There won't be a re-run of the first referendum. //

The terms of leaving being so bad of course, that no-one will ever vote for them. The EU's like hotel California - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
I've decided the time is right for another visit to the Bookie's - to bet on 'No Deal'. Odds are only 7/4 but shrinking all the time. I wonder if I can get one on for 'No deal because Spain vetoes it last moment, in order to try to get its hands on Gib.' Yes we'll be out - or else there will be popular disruption on a large scale.
This prevarication is intended to wear down people’s enthusiasm. Yet another fence sitting tactic entirely predictable from the beginning. Place obstacles in the way to progress, if you can’t find them create them.
Democracy RIP.
When I read most of the comments on Answer Bank, it makes me think that most people who voted out now want to stay in. Bless, them, they were so Gullible.
I think you have misread most of the answers gulliver
"When I read most of the comments on Answer Bank, it makes me think that most people who voted out now want to stay in."

Perhaps you'd be kind enough to point us towards some of the comments that led you to this belief.
well been locked out by the unmentionable all do so unable to respond to this but hey ho same old anti British VB rhetoric from the usual suspects. Not surprised!
Gulliver rarely reads the posts properly.
Why do we have to negotiate .... The majority voted EXIT that's it for me. Come out..exit...leave them to themselves ...why bow to those who have ruddy well fleeced us? Out means out and no going back For Funks Sake
I don't think I have ever read one line here on AB where a leave voter has said anything that in any way makes it sound like they have changed there mind.

In fact the rhetoric coming from the EU is such that their resolve is firmer than it was before.

Never mind, the La La land Gulliver lives in must be very odd.
foo - dat !
sorry just getting back into Brexit speak

a Brexit thread - how I miss them and all the fresh comment that the daily Brexit thread used to bring

in the morning - bringing in to my life a sweet breath of fresh air
Dear P.P..
We all love you anyway. (Well, I assume I speak for all.) The days would be poorer without you.
:) x
Just to be crystal clear gulliver. I and my relatives voted OUT. We have not changed our minds, any of us. We are getting impatient with the perpetual dithering.
jourdain, you don't speak for all. Gobbledegook always.
IT must be very frustrating for those who voted out , that in might take another four years for exit from the EU , it would feel like a lifetime to some.
"...that in might take another four years for exit from the EU"

Indeed it might, though personally i doubt it. However, better that to look forward to than a lifetime shackled to a sclerotic, corrupt anti-democratic shambles.

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