Italian Election Results

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Togo | 12:37 Mon 05th Mar 2018 | News
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causes panic in Germany. Latest predictions look like a massive anti EU vote and the German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel, advising that Germany must get out of the Euro now! Is this indeed further evidence that the whole "project" is unravelling?


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I saw on the news last week that the EU members (less UK) were having a meeting to plan their future EU budget, and how they were going to cope without the 15 billion we pay them each year. The report said that no countries who "pay in" want to pay more money, but the countries who "take out" the pot did not want to take out less. Maybe at last the EU is realising how...
14:56 Mon 05th Mar 2018
Generally people have had enough and worryingly are turning to more extreme parties who will stand up to the Establishment (or so they believe).

I dont believe it is too late, massive reform in the EU and a big dose of listening to the populations of the 27 member's could save it. However given the current incumbents at the top of the EU hog I doubt this will happen meaning the whole ponzi scheme is likley to come crashing down.

It is not going to be a pretty sight and it will be felt around the World. I for one would much rather the EU got its act together and survived.
These results in ITALY might easily slow down Brexit or even put it on hold for another couple of years.
Gulliver is always looking for some hope that Brexit won't happen, Naomi.
Ahhh ... I know. :o)
Bit of luck it will speed up Brexit as we need to separate ourselves quickly from this mess before we are dragged down with it.
// I for one would much rather the EU got its act together and survived. \\

You feeling alright today, YMB?
Gulliver seems to have got it round the wrong way. Again.

But if you would care to elucidate on why you think Brexit would be slowed down or even put on hold I'll be listening.
Cassa 333 ,if we ever leave the EU, do you think your medication will be more expensive ?.
Question Author
Gulliver that is uncalled for and not welcome. I'm sure that if you had a scintilla of intellect that you would be very dangerous.
Oh dear, they have let Togo out Unsupervised.
Not bothered about Togo being unsupervised, not sure about you though. Your remark @ 16.10 was gratuitously insulting.
Oh dear jackdaw are you his minder?
Jackdaw did you also think that cassas remark at 15.49 was gratuitously insulting ? I did!
Querying your judgment is not insulting in my book.
"Jackdaw did you also think that cassas remark at 15.49 was gratuitously insulting ? I did!"

Well if you did you need to get out more. You were asked a straightforward question which you have still neglected to answer.
Question Author
It must be confusing to be both thin skinned, and thick, at the same time. ( Not you Jackdaw........We all know that you are learned and lucid) (^_*)
Good grief Gulliver. I have been known to get passionate when replying but a simple question gratuitously insulting!! If a question sends you into such a tail spin I wonder how you manage on a day to day basis.

Now you really do need to take a deep breath and have a little think about why you have not given any indication on why you think the opposite to most other posters on this thread.

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Italian Election Results

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