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What food banks in Germany? I thought they were the manifestation of our very own wicked Tory policies. Perhaps it is a EU aim to have all of the minions relying on food banks and handouts.
Food banks are Worldwide the first one opened in USA in 1967.
There are poor, desperate and needy people in every country. There is a gap between the haves and have nots in every country. So I doubt it is a new thing.

It is rather grave of them to say no foreign people will get help though. Although I firmly believe charity begins at home they are after all, rightly or wrongly, there and in need of help.
It's a pity that those people who think"charity begins at home" usually mean "charity ends at home".
not sure one should be able to discriminate against the poor that have flooded into Germany, surely they need help as much as anyone, if Merkel hadn't opened the doors to more than 1 million refugees maybe the people wouldn't be accusing the food bank of becoming Nazis.
I don’t think JD wanted to discuss food banks per se, more German people only food banks.
It can't be right to exclude anyone in need, but if, because the share of foreigners using the food bank has soared to 75% in recent years, the organisation has restricted its services to Germans only, it begs the question, "Why are even more needy foreigners being accepted into Germany?"
The article seems to find that rather than state elderly women and single mothers had stopped accessing the service
Ignore my comment above
I’m an idiot
It's a charity not a government agency. They can opt to help native Germans only, if they so wish, but they must have expected justified flak for treating different folks in need differently.

Government should know that being daft enough to open borders will inevitably result in issues to solve; and should be prepared to solve them, not rely on charities to do it for them.
I suspect they simply don't have the resources to feed Obergruppenführer Merkles Millions so they have found a way of restricting it.

Looks like a few lefties have taken exception to this but maybe they should be looking at cause rather than attacking the symptom.

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