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wolf63 | 05:22 Wed 21st Feb 2018 | News
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I know that some of you do not venture into Chatterbank so I thought that I would post this to make sure that you hear the sad news about Mikey.



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I'll miss him.
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No more 'eek' posts.

He was dreading wee Willy dying, he is an old hound and his last legs, but this news is totally shocking.
He will definitely be missed on here, so strange how someone I have never met can have such an impact on loss. He was a valiant sparring partner over may years and I will miss him a lot.
Dreadful news, indeed! What a shame; his political opponents here often made fun of him, but he held his views just as strongly as they did theirs. You were a fighter to the end, Mikey. Well done to you! We'll really miss you here for your integrity and - as far as I ever saw - unfailing politeness to friend and foe alike. Cheers, mate.
"so strange how someone I have never met can have such an impact on loss"

Isn't that true ymb!
I always imagined mikey as looking like Nye Bevan(!) although I am sure he didn't, and he wasn't actually Welsh I understand.
And all the comments have been very touching. It just shows that we aren't really "enemies" when it comes down to it.
Thank you so much for letting us know in news, I rarely visit chatterbank so I may not have picked up on this. Mikey and I were often like 2 front rows locked in battle but like in rugby we never lost respect for each other. Our brutal encounters on the pitch of news I know would have been forgotten over a pint afterwards. RIP mikey, I'll miss you.
The News section feels smaller this morning.

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^ I'm really sorry, that was in the wrong thread. If a mod could remove that, I'd be very grateful.
I've only just seen this sad news. Mikey was always a real gentleman and will be greatly missed.

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Dreadful News

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