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I thought that I might get bumped for my opinion. Sigh.
20:28 Tue 20th Feb 2018
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I think David S. is probably correct

///The court heard she has 39 convictions for 62 offences, mainly for theft and violence, and was fined in May last year for racially aggravated harassment. She also has a history of mental health problems, depression and drug-related difficulties///

Question Author
Someone didn't agree with him, Baldric. ;-)

I'm saying Nuffink! ;o)
I don't know if he was right or wrong. I didn't see what he said.

I don't know that this person being transgender is relevant, is it? Sounds dangerous to me.
I thought that I might get bumped for my opinion. Sigh.
Could you perhaps put it another way?

It was suggested that we may well see this individual in the News again,
There is no relevance mentioning the gender identity of the assailant in the question title, it's in no way relevant to the crime, so why have you done so?
Question Author
I'm not au-fait with current terminology, kval.
I was worried if I said man, as I first typed, the SJW's would attack me.
If I said woman the virtue-signallers would be up in arms.
So I used transgender like all the papers did.
Question Author
Question Author
'Person' escapes jail perhaps might have done? Anyway not in the mood now to argue such pettiness, just found out that Mikey has died suddenly :(
Spicerack, I wasn't criticising you when I asked if this person being transgender was relevant. Just wondering why the newspaper felt it relevant enough to include it in the headline.
Question Author
'Person' escapes jail perhaps might have done?

You are Justine Trudeau and I claim my £5.. ;o)
she? it's a geezer F\F\S!
Paris has got off lightly given previous , thank goodness the Policeman wasn't seriously hurt.
39 convictions and 62 offences. Yet still not jailed?
Suppose it saves having to decide which sex jail to put 'her' in. 'She' would have a terrible time in a men's or a woman's prison.
Anyone see the resemblance between 'her' and a well-known Opposition front bench politician?
Jackdaw33 do you think she looks a bit like Diane abbot?

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Transgender Escapes Jail For Push Onto Railway Line

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