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Chilling - again.
very chilling - deadly
Another awful story, he was only 18.
I really can't fathom the mentality of some folk, I really can't :-(
three terroristen - 2017
then the previous one is 2010 for the UK

peanuts since 1988 ( five ) Lockerbie
Not again....I hope there have not been any deaths.
Question Author

Peter, what on Earth has that got to do with American Shoot Outs?
pastafreak, according to the link, multiple fatalities.
No, they will never learn.
As long as the Americans are more attached to their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment than they are to the safety of their citizens I can't get too upset about this. If they did nothing after Sandy Hook they will never change and these events will continue to happen.
Being a student in America is becoming an occupational hazard.
ther have been three of four massacres in the UK in the last ten years

and three or four in the land of the free over the last six months

and so ... the point I was making was that school shootings ( last one in GB Dunblane 1996 ) are excessively rare in the UK. 2018-1996 - oo my that is 20 y almost !

OK - you're a marine - UK few
US - lots......lose the numbers.

I think it may be ( PP ducks ) it may be something to do with the availability of firearms.....
-- answer removed --
Antifa wasn't he?
Naomi...this is the only mention of injuries, none about fatalities in the link.
// The Broward County Sheriff's Office said at least 14 victims have been taken to area hospitals with varying wounds. It was unclear how many of those survived. //

This DM link is not so positive.
"...16 dead..."

I've just taken my meds

I remember Dunblane - or rather the announcement on Radio Tay that the massacre had happened.

There are plenty lunatics in this country but getting a gun is more difficult. The US sometimes seems like another world.

// PP, get your Meds Checked, you are wasting everyone's time//
Foo dat ! what dat to do wiv school shoot outs den ?
dey on droogz den ?
// Antifa wasn't he? //

That didn’t take long.

At least seventeen dead, I's just heartbreaking....x

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Another American High School Shooting

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