He's Not After A Superstate Don't You Know.

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cassa333 | 16:58 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | News
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His lips say one thing. The words coming out of them say another.

Perhaps someone should play back to him all the pro federalist statements and speeches he has said!!


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never believe anything in politics until it's been officially denied!
He's been ranting about European integration for years. European army, one fiscal minister who can interfere in any member states' economic measures and override their decisions, all member states to be in the Euro, etc, etc. That is also Macron's plan and with Merkel struggling to form a coalition he's the one leading the whole thing.
Junker and Schultz (who's now toast, thank god) have talked and dreamt of nothing but a federal, United States of Europe with ever increasing expansion of members, a European army, and more - mad ideas, nobody wants, from a drunken ex mayor of a tinpot country; Luxembourg, and a provincial ex-librarian now a disgraced laughing stock.
Junker now denies it all - unbelievable.
Not half he's not!
Google Altiero Spinelli and the Ventotene Manifesto.
Shoota; It states; 'The Ventotene Manifesto, whose full title is, "For a Free and United Europe." '
What these two clowns (Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli) were unable to understand, along with all other federalists, is that the more "united" states are, and the larger the total conglomerate, the less free is the individual, and the gap between him and his ruling authority becomes ever greater. This is the most compelling, but understated, argument for Brexit.
That is why I voted 'out' when I wanted to stay 'in'.
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I am near Dublin at the moment and they can't understand why we voted leave and think it is A bad thing.

They didn't elaborate why it would be bad but I pointed out the main reason, contrary to Remain who think it is ALL about immigrants, that it is, in large part, about self determination and not being ruled by faceless, unelected officials who's accounts haven't been signed of for decades. But I also said that if you chose to remain in an organisation with federalist ambitions where you will have little ability to influence how you are governed then stay.

They shut up then.

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He's Not After A Superstate Don't You Know.

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