Mexican Drug Production......

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ToraToraTora | 12:59 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | News
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Why don't they just spray the fields with a herbicide? I assume it's because the Mexican government doesn't want to end the trade but I'd surprised the US aren't doing it.


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As far as I am aware the US isn't at war with Mexico.
The Mexican government could order it, Gawd help the ministers responsible. Might be easier to send in troops to take out the gangsters first.
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if you keep spraying their product they have no product, they'll take themselves out after that.
The Mexican government was to all intents and purposes in a state of civil war with the cartels for many years, until they finally made a form of truce. Even before you account for corruption etc. (which is endemic there), it's not hard to see why the government is uneasy about starting that up again.

It's not as just as simple as "destroy the product, destroy the empire." These people are obscenely wealthy, and the money is the source of their power - they would start up again somewhere else in pretty short notice and then hit back and plunge the country into civil war again.
How would the London Square Mile cope then, TTT?

Without regular supplies of Mexican Marching Powder the poor bankers (sp?) might have to live in the real world?
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yes I accept I'm over simplifying it and I take your points Kromo. I suppose I'm just sad for the whole country. I suppose it's hard to find the "good guys" in the government due to the endemic corruption.
It is an awful shame, yes. Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich culture and a diverse climate. It has plentiful resources and in the past came close to becoming a fully developed economy. But it has a parasitical class of politicians and other elites who do nothing but drain wealth from the population and abandon them to these insane and monstrous drug lords.
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mexican government could ask the cia who the cartels are, and send in hit squads to take them out, bit like in germany with the night of the long knives, just a thought
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the problem is that most of the government are on the payroll.
no wonder trump wants to build a wall then.
To spray the fields used for drug production, you first have to find them. And you have to be absolutely certain it's not a useful crop which just happens to look like ( say) opium, coca.
yeah wid Agent Orange !
( what dat den? etc ad infinitum)

fooo !
this was all done in the Vietnam War

(the Viet-hoo-dat-where?) - does no one read wiki or watch old issues of MASH ?
( joke that was Korean)

there is nothing wrong wiv spraying wiv herbicides xc the number of two headed babies that get born

Americans still treating deformities in Viet that they accept were caused by herbicides - so does this mean that they were?
anywaaaaaay - and it is fifty y after

so sounz like a really good idea
// yes I accept I'm over simplifying it // free tee
oh God is the pope a roman catholic !
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PP: QED once more.
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TTT, Mexico has already tried spraying with herbicide:-
//In the late 1970s, Mexico showed what could be done. It sprayed more than 20, 000 acres of poppy fields with the herbicide paraquat and with aid from the US that reached $94 million in a decade//

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Mexican Drug Production......

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