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Well done him! Must have been quite daunting.
Question Author
Definitely! I can imagine it being quite the task going through modern tests and exams to pass at that age!

Others his age only had to drive down the road and turn around again.
When my dad (b.1903) bought his first car in the 1920s, the salesman showed him how everything worked and off Dad drove. No test at all, he never had any accident and he drove until he was in his mid-80s.

My test (mid 1970s) included reversing round a corner of the pavement (had to maintain an even distance from the kerb), a fairly fearsome 3-pt. turn, parking and general road awareness and quiz on Highway Code. It was very searching and stressful. I've been run into, but never caused an accident.

I'd probably fail now, not on driving, but on the technical stuff - I don't have (and don't want) a sat-nav.. :(
Good for him, a really lovely story.
amazed they let him, lets hope they have some time together, even if its for hospital and days out..
nice piece.
Question Author
Jourdain, our tests and experiences sound very similar! Mine was quite recent (past 5 years).

However, after i passed, they changed it AGAIN! Now you need to use a satnav (no issue) rather than look for signs that point to where the examiner tells you to drive towards.
Question Author
To be fair emmie, he passed the test and theory, so why not! No age cap on driving, however, maybe there should be? Think 105 is a fair cap? :D
how i wished i'd carried on with my driving lessons after 2 failed attempts at test .my hubby and my late son in law did all the driving and now hubby is unwell we have to rely on friends and taxis etc .well done to that man x
considering how many accidents are caused by the elderly and the very young, one should have tests every so many years..
Question Author
Well.. You said it emmie ;)

However... I do feel people get into bad habits when driving. Aslong as one knows their lane, the speed limit and how to signal out of their lane safely, they should be allowed to drive.

I think it is unfair parking is so strict in driving tests. I can park easily, i'm quite a proud parallel Parker.. Can bay park with no worries ever.. But some people find this really pressuring when they're on their test. Do you indicate, do you put the handbrake on etc...?

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