Ukip Suspends Leader's Girlfriend After Meghan Markle Texts

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mikey4444 | 08:38 Sun 14th Jan 2018 | News
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She said that her remarks had been "taken out of context"

Her remarks went like this ::::::"Ms Markle would "taint" the Royal Family, that she had a "tiny brain" and that black people were ugly"

Just what kind of context would those remarks have been acceptable then ?


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Best ignored. She's a nonentity.
Question Author
I agree Naomi, but don't you think its rather worrying that a Party that wants to be taken seriously, should still harbour racists in its midst ?

We were told by Farage years ago, that these kind of people had been kicked out of the Party, and yet, they are still there it seems.
Of the three remarks she made only the last should be cause for concern.
Question Author
Keep digging will reach the bottom of that barrel soon enough.
She doesn't appear to have much in the brain department. Bottom line is she's got him, a two-of-drip (as my mum would have said) for a boyfriend and Meghan has Prince Harry. Jealousy is a terrible thing.
Oh dear! Not nice ....why don't mistresses stay with what they are good at.....s.hagging? As soon as they come out of their "comfort zone," they make a fool of themselves.
Must admit I'd never heard of Henry Bolton until now. Didn't realise that Paul Nutcase had thrown in the towel.
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Sqad....I have made no comment as to Bolton's private life....that is his concern.

But Ms Marney is a Member of UKIP in her own right.....indeed she was a Member long before she and Bolton got together.

So I am questioning how somebody with her loathsome and racist views became a Member in the first place ?
// The former Army officer left the mother of his two young children, 42-year-old Tatiana Smurova //

His wife is a Russian immigrant. Surely not.

Ms Marney is a bimbo, and the texts are nothing more than you would expect.

Question Author
Jack.....Bolton was elected as Leader of UKIP last September, its 4th Leader in just over a year.

I would expect there to be a 5th leadership contest soon.
//So I am questioning how somebody with her loathsome and racist views became a Member in the first place ? //

Perhaps the application form for membership doesn’t include questions on racist views.
Question Author
Naomi....given UKIPs history, perhaps it should !

I repeat...Farage told us that all these loony-tunes had been kicked out of the Party.
I thought being a racist was a pre requisite of being a UKIP member?
Mikey, perhaps as far as Farage was concerned the loony tunes had been kicked out, but he's no longer leader and we don't know when she joined. Additionally UKIP isn't alone in having people with less than savoury opinions among its numbers so that sort of criticism of them is very likely to rebound on you. Careful.
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Naomi....I couldn't care less when this awful racist joined the Party.....the fact that she was allowed to join in the first place is evidence enough that UKIPs vetting procedure is lacking.

By the way, if any member, of any Party made those remarks, my views would be the same. They are completely unacceptable.
Mikey, how on earth can you call someone out for being racist and use the term ‘Jap’ in the header of another post?
Mikey, you’re blaming Farage for failing to get rid of her. All I’m saying is that he may not have been leader when she joined. As for you condemning members of any party for airing racist views, I can’t recall you criticising members of the Labour party for their anti-Semitic views – or calling for their expulsion. Perhaps I missed it.
I'm with Zacs on this, being a racist / xenophobe is a prerequisite for joining UKIP it's what the party is based on. No matter how much they try to deny it ,the news stories about them constantly prove it to be true.
As a child of the post-war era, an alternative to playing cowboys and Indians was to play Japs and English. Nobody thought of it as being racist.
Yes, Jackdaw, fortunately we’re now better educated (or should be). Read my link to see what Japanese Americans think of the term.

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Ukip Suspends Leader's Girlfriend After Meghan Markle Texts

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