33 Week Jail Sentence

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Gromit | 04:41 Sat 13th Jan 2018 | News
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We often discuss the length of jail sentences on AB, what do you think of this one?


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hard to say on this, i saw this on the news last night, 33 weeks doesn't seem a lot by any standards, the only thing they may have taken in his favour is that he is an alcoholic, not that mitigates what he did.
Never mind the setence: if he thinks killing an innocent citizen is right and for his country then he needs to be permanently sectioned for the sake of society. His mind isn't working right.
seems an odd sentence for such a potentially lethal action..agree with OG.. serious mental health issues I think
Nothing to do with mental health in my opinion, just another racist inadequate who can't hold his drink.

lol..p'raps Douglas..
he apparently drank two bottles of wine beforehand, as i said the man and this was according to the BBC news, is an alcoholic. But it still seems quite a light sentence.
A Pole doing a Nazi salute eh.
Blitzed while carrying out his krieg on Muslims is not a valid reason for leniency, should have been longer.

Kick him out after he has served his time.
I have no knowledge of what the sentencing guidelines are for this sort of thing, so I am quite happy to leave it to the Courts to do their job.

However, if I had to stand on one side of the fence, the sentence does seem a little light to me, for such an aggravated and serious assault.
Maybe it's a misprint and it's actually 33 months ?
Ridiculously short sentence, and clearly no knowledge of history either.
/// Zakrocki has been sentenced to 33 weeks in prison. He will serve a 32 week sentence for dangerous driving and a six week imprisonment for drink driving which will run concurrently. ///

Apparently he has only been imprisoned for dangerous driving, drink driving and the assault against his wife.
he seems to have thought he was assimilating.
AOG....I fear you are right :::

"He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and driving under the influence but the judge accepted the guilty pleas to the lesser charges"

Not sure why he wasn't sentenced to the far more serious charge of attempted murder ?

Perhaps New Judge could explain this strange event ?
he seems to have thought he was assimilating.

But the usual subjects will ignore it.
According to today's Guardian, this man was released yesterday, as he has already served his sentence on remand.
he should now be deported. bet your bottom dollar he won't be
you may think it's crass, talbot, but it's correct

“I'm going to kill a Muslim. I'm doing this for Britain. This is the way I am going to help the country."
Yes, because that is what your run of the mill Briton wants to do ... kill Muslims.
Talbot...what a load of Rolex !

Its what the supporters of Britain First want to do maybe, and other racists like them.
Talbot that is disgusting and untrue, maybe in your world but not in mine or anyone I knows.

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33 Week Jail Sentence

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