Ex-Bhs Boss Guilty Over Failure To Provide Pension Data

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mikey4444 | 19:15 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | News
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This smarmy low-life has at last been found guilty.....not before time.


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Good! He has a lot to answer for!
I think we are slipping into - 'bad men must be guilty of SOMETHING!'

He has been convicted of failing to supply information on a pension - the pension fund has a huge deficit, and will doubtless ruin those who have contributed

In fact he had bought BHS AFTER it had been asset-stripped by one Philip Green - he paid £1. - and presumably was invited to strip the carcase some more before the inevitable happened.

actually I dont think the right guilty men have been convicted
I think Dame was a wide boy who was conned like the rest of us
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Slimeballs, all of them.
being a slimeball isnt a crime .....
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Chappell has just been found guilty Peter....seems like a crime to me !

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Ex-Bhs Boss Guilty Over Failure To Provide Pension Data

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