Tesco Calls For A Return Deposit On Plastic Bottles

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emmie | 14:59 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | News
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Tesco last night became the first major supermarket to throw its weight behind efforts to tackle the scourge of throwaway plastic bottles.

Britain's biggest grocer broke ranks with other leading retailers to say it would back a deposit and return scheme.

Ocado does a similar thing with their carrier bags - charge the obligatory 5p per bag but refund 5p for every bag returned. Hopefully they can extend this to the bottles but I imagine room would be a factor.
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just what i was thinking, what do they do with the bottles, perhaps they go back to the factories to be cleaned and reused.
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Likely to go for re-cycling.
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if others follow suit perhaps we can stop in part, killing our wildlife on the land as well as the oceans.
Ocado’s recycling offer is excellent. They charge 40p for bags but don’t limit refunds and take anybody’s bags. I order from them about once a month or less, save up 50 bags and get 2.50 off my order.
I went to Germany about 15 or more years ago on business.

In the office block I was in they only sold soft drinks (coke etc) from the machine in glass bottles (no cans or plastic bottles).

Next to the machine was a load of crates where you could return your glass bottles.

Also in McDonalds the burger I bought was just wrapped in a paper cover, NOT in a polystyrene "box" as they are not allowed in Germany for fast food.

If Germany could do this over 15 years ago how come it is taking the rest of the world so long to catch up.

It needs governments of all nations to bring in the rules. Look how simple it is, the 5p charge on plastic bags has changed how we shop for all of us. If ever I go shopping I now take bags with me, I don't even stop to think about it.
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because people like David Attenborough are getting our attention at last to the damage we are doing.
Whatever some people on AB say about the Daily Mail,they are a great pioneering paper and have won so many battles with their investigative journalism.
Sorry but the Daily Mail doesn't know the meaning of investigative - only sensationalist.
Crap idea, it should be the company’s that make them that should be punished/ made to pay, not joe bloggs in the street. As usual big business is the problem and we get “taxed” because of them
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steg its not a tax, but money back if you return the bottles.
I know what it is,
but we are not the one making them, profiting from them, it’s big business.
Why are they not the ones that have to pay, its their fault.
Tesco will still make money on it .... prices will go up if deposits are going to be repaid....loads of bottles won't come back
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Tesco Calls For A Return Deposit On Plastic Bottles

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