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Oh dear, I thought Mikey would have responded to a post which had "Labour" and "Welsh" in the title!
Only if it is complimentary to the Labour Party Linda.
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Of course Danny!! LOL
Shame on them!
i wonder what his family are going through, and yes shame on the Labour party for not taking this forward.
Some midnight oil has been burnt as the lying conniving Welsh Labour party frantically rewrote history in some weird Orwellian homage.
Politicians are, for the most part lying, cheating and certainly untrustworthy so no real surprises here.
at least he has said something sensible, unlike some of the other shower.
sorry for some reason wrong thread........ apologies.
This whole witch hunt has been a sad indictment of today's society and social Media.

I do wonder where we go from here, there must be some culpability for making accusations and we MUST return to innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law not trial by [social] media.
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I have just read that Carwen Jones has pulled out of Question Time tonight because it would be difficult for him. I'm sure it would be, he is the one who sacked this man before any evidence was found.

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Labour Scraps Probe Into Welsh Minister Who Killed Himself

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