California Fire: Ventura Blaze Reaches Pacific Ocean

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mikey4444 | 08:47 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | News
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Amazing scenes from LA....I have driven on those freeways, and they are some of the busiest roads in California. What on earth will today's rush hour look like ?


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EEK..looking bad...the cph will be out of bounds surely ?
Question Author
cph Minty ?

For anyone who has been to LA, this is like the equivalent of raging fires breaking out of the M4 approach to London, with Heathrow visible just over the horizon !
Californian Pacific Highway... Lovely drive with the top down on a summer's evening....
That is looking grim, first I've seen images having only listened to reports on 'talksport'.
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Ah yes Minty...understand now.

Actually, I think its the main Freeways through LA and Hollywood that are getting the worst of it, rather then the CPH.
did you see the amazing picture of a guy rescuing a wild rabbit, putting his life at risk....
^ That's sweet. I always feel for the poor animals when there are wildfires or floods.
As a retired Fireman, I dealt with many grass fires, but this is beyond belief. I really feel for those Firemen out there, they deserve all the praise they are given.

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California Fire: Ventura Blaze Reaches Pacific Ocean

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