Should We Be Rationing Health Care For Fatties And Smokers?

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ToraToraTora | 17:35 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | News
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On the basis that more or less any sort of health care need can be put down as "self inflicted" it may surprise many of you that I think not.


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No. This keeps coming up. One pays into the public fund for all to get the treatment they need, not for it to be denied using any spurious excuse.
No... It would have to be proven, which would be expensive- and where would you stop? So much is self-inflicted one way or another.
Question Author
yes, agreed, as much as I abhor smoking, it is just one of many self inflicted ailments that can lead to NHS treatment.
No, by all means encourage patients to get into a safer position to undergo surgery but blanket rationing is wrong.
Agree with OG and Pixie. Human frailties and all that, lifestyle today brought about by other means...isn't always the 'victim' at fault IMO. So if you pay into the system, it's for each of those who do and NOT for those who don' in some foreigners and scroungers. That's the way it should go....well IMO anyway.
I wonder where the line is drawn....pregnancy, for example, is a lifestyle choice....there are many in the population who do not have children yet still pay the full amount into the coffers... Driving puts people at risk of accidents that demand medical care as do quite a few sports......I do not think differentiation can be made along the lines of lifestyle. I say this as a non driver with no children ....I am happy to pay what is asked of me for the benefit of all...surely that is what the NHS was developed for....
no, they pay as much into the system,

No, but replace "Fatties And Smokers" with newly arrived immigrants who have never paid a penny into the system and I would agree, they should be made to take out Health Insurance imho.
Yes baldric, that would make sense.
agree with Baldric on that one.
Not half: especially for all those Remain-supporting fatties and smokers who have been cheerfully supporting 3 trillion pounds of money a day which could have gone to our NHS being wasted on the unelected commissars of the European ... (cont p 94)
Actually I am probably going to go against popular opinion and say yes. To a degree it should be rationed.

For illnesses as a direct result of smoking or being obese then if treatment is had then they should give up smoking and/or lose and significant amount of weight.

Alcoholics don't get new livers unless they kick the drink. The same should be for fatties and smokers. If you push me I will also say that people who deliberately put themselves in danger should be made to pay as well. Rock climber and dangerous sports people should have insurance.
However, I suspect that if you weren't a self-proclaimed 'Fattie' you'd be calling out for a curb on treatment for them, too....
No, of course not....OG said it all at 16:38 !
Question Author
JTT I hate smoking but I am not pushing for a curb on treatment for them so why would I for fatties if I was thin?
Blimey, I must be going soft. I agree with Baldric @ 17:05...
Ah well credit where its due!
This is a slippery slope though, if health care is rationed for 'fatties and smokers' where does it stop?
Ive just come back from an appointment with mental health care, maybe I should be less mental in order to qualify for treatment?
If there is no 'rationing' for smokers and the obese then there should be no rationing at all. Any and every health condition should be paid for to the highest degree regardless of resources or priority.

I have saggy skin. It's a health issue because I don't like it hanging there and it makes me sad.
Yesterday you wanted to price poor people off the road.
Today you want to ban the obese, who are overwhelmingly among the least well off, from getting medical treatment!
Tomorrow I expect you to be asking for them to be euthanased!
Question Author
who said anything about banning the obese eddie? I'm supporting the right of smokers and the obese to use the NHS. What are you on about?
agree with balders

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