Teachers Marching For More Dosh.........ironic?

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ToraToraTora | 16:31 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | News
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When most of these would happily give the EU any amount it wants in a "divorce" and spent the last 40 years backing the gift of trillions to an unelected corrupt institution? Now they want a few quid themselves they are out marching, PMSL!


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Most of those marching were not old enough to vote in 1975.
Some Schools are really struggling with the funding cuts and yes, parents are being asked to contribute more than ever.

Of course most do it gladly if affordable.
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well lets use the money the EU are trying to extort then.
Do you really PYSL at lot, TTT? Trip to the doc, maybe?

I remember the dark days of the mid 70s when schools were very under funded and we had to take in our own paper and share books. Parents were also asked for voluntary donations. Seems things get no better
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yep last Labour government HC, nuff said!
Do you have any proof that a majority of teachers are remainers ?
I know a dozen teachers and they are split 50-50 (similar to the rest of the population) between Leave and Remain.
Not sure there is anything ironic about this strike, nearly every strike is about pay and this is no different.

A few Lefties get to their feet and wave placards
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well I don't have the figures but given that even talking about brexit in schools is more or less banned I'd say they heavily supported remain:
My grandkids are fed up hearing about Brexit in school - it's part of the curriculum.
The majority of teachers are under 40 and that age group tend to be Remain supporters, while most brexit supporters are elderly.
The statistics also show that those with higher levels of education are heavily biased towards 'Remain'. So any all-graduate workforce is likely to have a majority of its members opposed to Brexit.

"Some Schools are really struggling with the funding cuts and yes, parents are being asked to contribute more than ever.

Of course most do it gladly if affordable."

Not me.

My son's primary school and my daughter's secondary school have both sent letters home asking parents to set-up direct debits - had I chosen to, their "suggested" amounts would cost me about £600 a year.

I pay a lot in tax - I think I pay more than my fair share - and therefore I was not prepared to pay any additional amount to the schools. If my children need something for school that the school can't afford to provide, then I will buy whatever it is for my children. If there are parents that cannot afford to do this, well that's their problem, not mine.

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Teachers Marching For More Dosh.........ironic?

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