This Labour Party Never Cease To Amaze Me.

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-Talbot- | 20:39 Fri 10th Nov 2017 | News
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'she has passed initial background checks for potential election candidates'

Feel free to post your excuses below.


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I guess the lack of responses confirms it's inexcusable.
I think the initial background check is just to make sure you do not have a criminal record and is the same for any political party.
It's as well that we have at least the remnants of independent media when Trojan horses like this woman are foisted upon us.
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(EDDIE's post)
Archetypal leader of the opposition material then?
here it is in the Mail,

\\In 2012, writing under a video titled ‘The Palestine you need to know’, she said: ‘It’s such a shame that the history teachers in our school never taught us this but they are the first to start brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler.//

\\What have the Jews done good in this world?’ When questioned about the comment, she had added: ‘No, I’m not a Nazi, I’m an ordinary British Muslim that had an opinion and put it across. We have worse people than Hitler in this world now.’ When she faced further online criticism she said: ‘Stop beating a dead horse. The Jews have reaped the rewards of playing victims. Enough is enough!’\\

\\Miss Khan, a mother, was also given a restraining order at Bradford Magistrates’ Court in November 2011 to protect a local solicitor and her family from harassment.\\

\\Earlier this month, it emerged that Labour’s Jewish wing is holding the events that use a slide show of hate-filled messages posted on the internet by the party’s own activists.
The abuse includes one Labour member describing Jews as a ‘corrupt master race’ controlling sex-trafficking, pornography and wars worldwide.
Another wrote: ‘Every f****** Jew that died in the Holocaust was a blessing.//

Is it not time for Corbyn to have a clear out.?


Dear god those comments are vile.
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There doesn't appear to be a reaction from the Labour hierarchy.
Then again if it isn't at odds with their thinking, why would there be.

good solid Labour material. Will fit in well with the rest of the anti semites.
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Another charmer to ignore.

He also believes that the social media posts that saw Labour MP Naz Shah suspended, and which she later admitted were indeed antisemitic, were not antisemitic; in doing so he quotes the blog of Labour Council Candidate Mike Sivier, who has been suspended for his antisemitic blog posts.

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This Labour Party Never Cease To Amaze Me.

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