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they still made it in to the uk, laughing all the way to the benefits office...oh sorry lunar house
Hope they(ex plod) get a fine. 2K a piece isn't it?
fender, you're right. Chances are they're here and they'll stay here. Job done!
I don't know why the article suggests the illegal immigrants chose the wrong coach. It makes absolutely no difference whether they are handed over to the authorities or disappear into the ether. The chances of them being sent anywhere (France is the proper place under the prevailing rules) are as close to zero as can be imagined.
The only way is to remove ourselves from the disastrous ECHR and the HRA subjected on us by His Tonyness.

But we dont have Politicians that want to do the Public's will and according to many on here (claiming Brexit was on immigration) it must follow that these very right-on liberals are to blame for our exit. Amazing how the wheel turns isnt it.
/// The men will now be assessed by Immigration Enforcement
officials. ///

And we all know what that means, lengthy drawn out appeals after appeals and then if unsuccessful massive claims for compensation for keeping them in detention too long.

They should be given a sandwich and a bottle of water (that's the humanitarianism coming out of me) and chucked back from whence they came.
//And we all know what that means//

Yes we do, they wont attend Lunar House and will disappear into the ether only to emerge in a few years wanting to bring their whole tribe of kids with them. And of course, it will be their 'ooman riight.

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You Couldn't Make It Up! Migrants Hide On Coach

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