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Bazile | 13:50 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | News
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There are people ( some on here ) who advocate walking away without a deal , if one can't be had .

Are there any authoritative sources that give an independent unbiased list of the pros and cons , of so doing ?


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I think good manners is required by all, but I can see it more of an effort when one side is asking out nation to to be ruled by outside powers, rather than return such powers back to ourselves, all for concern that the economy might suffer for a short while. But sure. Everyone thinks they are supporting the right option. Just one side is mistaken.
"While I of course agree with kathyan et al (in the sense that voting for Brexit is not a sign of being moronically stupid), any chance it can go the other way too, please? " - of course jim, when the naysayers stop siding with the EU, denigrating our efforts and spouting the "well never leave" etc BS then I am sure we can all come together and make this work. I hope I speak for many a brexiteer when I say that we understand how disappointed the remainers are but the decision is made, we are all supposed to be on the same side, in fighting only helps our enemies, let's make it work together.
I don't call anyone who voted differently to me rude names, I'd rather the whole dashed thing was sorted and quickly.

What I have found in the ensuing months is a strong naivety in some advocating hoicking up one's skirts and muttering 'I'n leaving and that's that'.

Would that things were really so simple.
When deadlock is met with no matter what you suggest, then what alternative is there other than walk away ? It's a case of Hobson's Choice at the end. One can not negotiate forever never making progress.
Question Author
This wasn't a question re the Brexiteers v the remainers and who is right or wrong re us leaving the EU .

We are where we are - the question was about the pros and cons of leaving without a deal .

It seems that the ' answer' to the question is that any pros or cons is yet another matter of opinion .
## So what's the point of all this discussion on here from brexiteers on here and elsewhere telling us that this is the way to go ? ##

No point at all Bazile, so can we all find something else to chat about please?????
Fullfact is a 'not for profit' organisation / charity devoted to providing unbiased information on political issues and news. It has issued many items on Brexit this is one of them
There are many more on this and other issues, worth a Google.
Depends on how much you want to know. We can make reasonable predictions about what would happen - but only within general tendencies. I think it's probably fair to predict, for example, that the UK would struggle to find deals with the rest of the world in a no-deal scenario because most other developed economies are members of trading blocs with similar rules for outsiders as the EU has. This is something that is the case now, and will probably be the case when we leave.

Beyond broad statements like that, though, it's extremely difficult to predict because (like it or not) so many factors about our situation post-Brexit do rely on what we can get from the negotiations - and they obviously aren't completed yet.

So at the moment if you want to talk Brexit speculation is all you have, and speculation is indeed pointless. But then again so is just about everything that gets written on the Answerbank, and so are most things that one does in one's everyday life. So if it's enjoyable or stimulating, speculate away.
It’s a complete and utter farce which has split our nation and jeapoardised our financial credibility. This is what happens when you give political power to the masses, most of whom are politically illiterate, as can be seen from people who say, “ah, let’s just leave”.
Another pummet ZM?
"This is what happens when you give political power to the masses, most of whom are politically illiterate, as can be seen from people who say, “ah, let’s just leave”. " - ah bless, the nasty wasty publicy wublicy gave the wrong answer! PMSL, I suppose it would not have split the country if remain had won!
Of course it wouldn't have happened. What a silly thing to say. There would be no negotiations, no political in-fighting & leadership squabbles, no worried families with mixed nation make up wondering what their future was, no worried ex pats wondering what the effect will be, no devaluation of the £, no unnecessary friction with our European neighbours and finally, far fewer ridiculous post from yourself which clearly demonstrate that you're grasp of the effects of Brexit is frail at best.
I'm a remainer.

My wife is a Brexiteer.

Even though I'm remainer, I'm getting increasingly annoyed that those that voted to leave are considered, in one way or another, mentally deficient.

Chuka Umunna (who I generally have quite a bit of time for and who I think would be a far better Labour leader than Corbynov) on LBC on Wednesday sadly trotted out the line that those that voted leave did not know what they were voting for. This is relegating all of those that did vote leave to the equivalent of dribbling idiots.

My wife is one of the few people I know who is a Brexiteer, and is also just about the brightest person I know. She believes in leaving the EU because she has thought about it, weighed it up, and has formed an independent opinion.

For Remainers to denigrate everbody who voted to leave (even though I think my wife is wrong - many a 'healthy' debate was held!) because they "didn't know what they were voting for" is the height of arrogance.
Deskdiary - I entirely agree, the implication that Brexiteers did not know what they were voting for is indeed offensive, specially since it is not based on fact or evidence.

Only time will tell if the decision was the best one, but even if it is not, I am sure very few people would change their minds. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but we haven't got it, so we go with what we have.
Sorry, I mean foresight - it's been a long day!
I was busy typing a long post here but I'll try to be brief: I think you are taking Umuna's comments a little too personally. 17 million people voted to Leave, about 16 million voted the other way, and I would be amazed if any more than zero people really understood the full consequences a successful vote for them would bring. I know I didn't.
considering noboody knows what's going to happen even now, a year after the vote, I think it's fair to say not many then will have known how it was going to turn out. That's iognorance, not stupidity.
// Those that voted leave are not
Thick , Stupid , Xenophobic
Racist , idiotic
unable to come to an intelligent outcome //

we are talking about the same that agreed
that immigration would stop immediatiely
and £350m would come back and be spent on the NHS

yes we are .....

who talked of - - - the tyranny of the majority ?
// I think it's fair to say not many then will have known how it was going to turn out.//

yeah but no but....

you or 'one' didnt vote for Bliar in 1997 - "because I/you have no idea what he will do...." you voted for him ( or s/o else) on the grounds of their manifesto
bearing in mind that the promise of "jam tomorrow" was probably um electoral pie in the sky ...

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