Goodbye Wee Gordon

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jordyboy14 | 14:44 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | News
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He has gone by mutual consent


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who is gordon
Strachan? Not unexpected really.
Scotland football manager
Gordon Brown?
Oh !!!!!!!!, hell find another club soon I hope , good luck
Question Author
He was only as good as the players he had to choose from,the future is bleak for Scottish football,future generation are all at home with thier iPads and computer games
Stop that jordy, one day we will WIN .
Question Author
Hope it happens in my time I have left anne
Can't promise that jordy :-) x
what is it you hope to win, anne?
Christ I thought your dog had died xx
Jno....... Anything !!
oh, good luck with that anne. Any matches coming up against the weakling Icelanders?
Some big boys in Iceland .. :-)
//future generation are all at home with thier iPads and computer games //

No more than the previous generation were all out with their tabs and Tenants Extra.

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Goodbye Wee Gordon

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