Should Gender Be Included In The Census?

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naomi24 | 15:54 Tue 10th Oct 2017 | News
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//The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has undertaken research as to whether the 2021 census should ask questions about people’s gender identity as well as their biological sex.
This follows protests that asking about people’s gender is discriminatory.

If the proposals go ahead, the change would leave the Government without accurate data on the number of men and women officially living in the country.

An online self-completion survey found that 0.8 per cent of approximately 10,000 respondents had transgender identities and that around half of this population – or 40 individuals – had undergone gender reassignment surgery.//

I’ve never considered myself to be a feminist particularly, but I’m with them on this one. It seems the sensibilities of a very few are taking precedence over common sense. What say you?


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I think it is an important demograph..but perhaps there should be an option for transgender as well as m/f
Yes, of course the Census should include a question on gender.

But I can't why that a third option, of, say "not decided" or something similar shouldn't be included.
on reflection, since a census is a snap shot of the time..if one has become a woman or man..then they should really tick that box... other would be an option I think ?
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Mikey, you can't 'decide' what gender you are.
it should have a box for sex at birth, end of.
but census is of the time as it were... not what you were once
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Murraymints, from the link : //Several prominent feminists including Greer, Fay Weldon and Jenni Murray, as well as a number of male commentators, have raised concerns that the recent move towards “gender neutral” or “gender non-binary” could have damaging consequences both for women and for society as a whole.//

I think they're right to be concerned. Where do 'women' fit into this?
I blame a lack of proper jobs giving people too much time to dwell on inventing an update on 'me me me'.

Get folk back down the mines or doing bomb disposal, that'll sort 'em.
you cannot change your birth sex. By putting sex at birth only it puts a person into a definate category. The census has many survey questions on a myriad of subjects so they could also add a section on the wonderful world of "what would I rather be" in with the other sections for collecting statistics etc.
I had understood that the point of the census was to understand the demographics of the country. So in that sense I would support the biological sex as well as gender question option, that I note has been ruled out. We'll see what the final recommendations are.

Can anyone furnish me with the exact question from the 2011 Census ?

I worked on it, but after such a long time, I can't remember the exact wording.
I can see the feminists point. All this time spent fighting for women's rights, and then we go and decide to abolish women. - and men.
I can see a lot of the issues raised and to a point when it comes to for filling a certain amount of generalisation may have to be done - otherwise the forms become extremely long winded.

I don't think I'd appreciate being placed in 'other' with those I didn't identify with, but for the sake of a form then so be it.

Sticking to 'sex at birth' may well give a poor slant on what is actually current at the time of the Census.

Tangled really.
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Mikey, I imagine it was a choice of two - male or female. Anything else clearly hadn't been considered then.
//Mikey, you can't 'decide' what gender you are //

it would appear you could be mistaken, Naomi....
I think some folks are just too precious....
Just done some quick research. It seems that the question was a simple ::

What is your sex ?


they can decide how they appear not biologically
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Mikey, I'd have thought that was obvious without the research.

Mushroom, very good, :o)
//So in that sense I would support the biological sex as well as gender question option//

"As well as"?

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Should Gender Be Included In The Census?

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