I Wonder If His Invictus Games Contestants Are So Suitably Accommodated?

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anotheoldgit | 13:27 Wed 27th Sep 2017 | News
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Yes, aog, the answer to your question lies in Hello magazine. You may have to vary your Daily Mail diet a little.
// I Wonder If His Invictus Games Contestants Are So Suitably Accommodated? //

No they're not. What an absolute git Prince Harry is for not arranging for all the contestants to be put up in 5 star hotel rooms.

// Anyone know why Toronto was chosen to stage the games? //

Yes. It's because Prince Harry's girlfriend lives there. He needed an excuse to visit her so he personally arranged for the games to be staged in the city where she lives.
AOG - It depends what yo mean by 'so suitably'.

Will the contestants be staying in five-star suites? No, but that does not mean that they are not suitably accommodated.

The athletes will probably be staying with partners if they wish, in appropriate accommodation commensurate with their attendance at the games.

Prince Harry is doing the same thing.

I fail to see why you appear to have an issue with that.
OMG what sour grapes. Do you know even long-haul cabin crew tend to get put up in 5* hotels. Anything for a pop at the Monarchy I suppose.
our prince Harry I am sure does not go to the bog
but sits on a throne !

and yeah I agree - - Toronto won because their disabled bogs work better ( than the rest ) - and hey AOG where is the usual ref to brown skinned muslims conspiring to murder the two young lovers in their beds ?
AOG get a bleeding grip
I don't think any 'sneaking' was involved, he just took his girlfriend there for a nice stay and why shouldn't he ?
AOG...what difference does it make where the Invictus Games are held ?

Its only of interest to DM readers if he takes his girlfriend with him or not. Harry is due all the praise available for his championing of disabled servicemen.
Unusually, AOG has gone silent since posting this. Is that because there were not enough answers tut-tutting over Harry's choice of 5 star accommodation?
Tends to retire from the screen late afternoon.
yup, would seem so

However, it's not a debate unless AOG sends out a diktat obviously, and even then the likes of us will be wrong.
Don't worry he'll be back!!
lol, no doubt Islay, the gem needs a wee nap in the afternoon :-)
lol Alba
Like a granny nap...? ;-)

I could do with one now.
Pasta...I had one earlier !
didn't know you were a granny, mikey.....
lol, just a very put-upon Uncle !
didn't know you were a granny, mikey.....
He's Hinge, AOG is Bracket......
The Invictus Games are a triumph. And you resent Harry staying in a nice hotel. How bloody sick are you?

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I Wonder If His Invictus Games Contestants Are So Suitably Accommodated?

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