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Yes, perhaps I should have put 'allegedly shot dead' since there hasn't been a police inquiry yet.
its not breaking news... it was being reported first thing this morning...
Although shooting someone 10 times and trying to give them the kiss of life maybe a waste of time!!
Very scary for anyone nearby.
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/// Although shooting someone 10 times and trying to give them the kiss of life maybe a waste of
time!! ///

So you think that it is a waste of time, trying to resuscitate a person who still has a pulse?
I think it's a waste of time you trying to put words in my mouth!!
Were you there? How do you know he had a pulse?
Judging by his transport he wasn't any kind of crime lord.
According to the reports this incident is not terror related.
Then that will bring us into AOG other favourite topic then HC!!
Doesn't mean he wasn't a scrote, Douglas ;)
I know this area very well as I have close friends living in Portishead, and there will the mother of all traffic jams there any moment, if there isn't already !

Not sure what this is all about, although it doesn't look terrorism-related at the moment.
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Traffic is chaos around Bristol as everyone tries to find a way to get to Portishead, apparently he was seen driving down the M5 with a gun.
Not terrorism related but not telling us what it is related to. (unless they have?)
I was hoping our police could teach the US police a thing or two but it looks like we are taking on board American cop tactics ... did he jump a light or was he speeding?
He carried a Gun, The Gun was there to be used, He paid the price for showing the gun to the public as reported, he paid the price no matter what you think.
Earlier this morning we received calls from concerned members of the public travelling on the M5 who reported they had seen a man in a car with a handgun. The vehicle left the motorway at junction 19 and officers stopped the car on the A369 known as the Portbury Hundred. Shots were subsequently fired in an incident involving police firearms and a man has died.


What who thinks, TW?

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Breaking News: Driver Shot Dead After Police Chase Down M5 Motorway.

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