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Same carp different party, still I suppose all the parties have at least one idiot.
What a deluded fool this man is!!
Well, one of his predecessors was Deputy PM, and who really thought that was possible before 6 May 2010 ?
God forbid! One is bad enough!
True Mickey but although i disliked the man Clegg was presentable. I really couldn't see either labour or the Tories being desperate enough to get into bed with a cable, better to limp along with a minority.
We need serious MPs to help sort out our tangled web, Vince is a joke., you are right............this time, the Tories have decided that they are desperate enough to get into bed with the Bowler Hatted Bigots, that is the DUP.

Not sure if that is better than the Libdems though.
The DUP being the 'Irish Tories' you mean? actually makes more sense than the lib dems just like labour siding with a far left group would make more sense. Neither ideal of course.
I fear that senility is setting in for Vince.
YMB....when have Labour ever "sided" with a far left group, to retain power ?

The reality is that on two occasions in the last 7 years, the Tories have had to form coalitions, formal or informal, in order to remain in power.
Depending on your definition, it is perfectly plausible he could become PM. Quantum theory says I could presently be in all parts of the universe and you have to look for me to find out where I am. It is perfectly plausible that you'll find me on the moon, standing next to the stars & stripes. soon as its dark, I am going to get those powerful field glasses I bought years ago but never used, and I am going to have a good long, hard look !
Vince Cable thinks he could be the next PM.
I don't know about that, but Diane Abbott is not the current one, so I am puzzled by the question.
Vince Cable thinks he could be the next PM.
I don't know about that, but Diane Abbott is not the current one.

Praise the Lord!
What exactly do you expect him to say? He's a leader of a national party with substantial representation in Parliament, he can't sit there and say "ohh well, probably not to be honest, but cor wouldn't it be nice?"

I always remember when Nick Clegg was asked the same question ("do you think you're going to be PM?") by Paxman in 2010, and being exasperated by his blatantly evasive response - "I'd like to be...".

I mean obviously everyone (including Dr. Cable) knows it won't happen, but from his position he can only answer the question by either looking deluded or hopeless, and he can't expect public loyalty from his party with the latter. His answer is about as sensible as it could possibly be.
"He's a leader of a national party with substantial representation in Parliament"

I'd hardly call 12/650 MPs 'substantial'.
The term 'Tory' of course originated in Ireland from an Irish word for 'bandit' funnily enough. And the first 'Tories' so-called were actually Irish. So if the DUP are 'Irish Tories' they would only be following tradition :-)
I'd expect him to say something that suggested he had a grip on reality. Play up the prospect of getting a few more seats next time and vow to be a strong opposing party holding whoever's in government to account.
Don't forget the Whigs, derived from an equally opprobrious term.
Indeed JD. We are pretty polite with our naming of politicians these days (the op here excepted)

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