Salute The New Emporer Of Europe.

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Khandro | 14:26 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | News
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If any those voting to remain have any doubts as to if they made the right choice, does this speech help you decide unequivocally?
"In his state of the union speech, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker went off-script to say that he thinks Britain ‘will regret’ voting to leave the EU. And he said that he wants EU enlargement, the Schengen area opened to Romania and Bulgaria, a European ‘defence union’, a more powerful president, for member states to adopt the euro, and for public money to be given to pro-EU political parties while it is denied to ‘anti-European extremists’."


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The Vichy British will be in raptures Khandro! This is the sort of outpouring from the EU that makes me ever more certain I made the right choice. I just feel sorry for those nations left enslaved to Darth Juncker and co, I hope they can find the courage to leave the EUSSR too.
It was an intriguing and enlightening watch.
aah, so that's what an earlier post was about.
Sorry to the OP

Can't stand Junkers, the man seems to be a bit err, well, skee-whiff
In as far as we will regret leaving the EU I am certain he is correct.
you don't have to leave eddie, It's just across the channel.
"In as far as we will regret leaving the EU I am certain he is correct."

based on the outpourings from Mr Junkers-88 I think it is those who remain (with the exception of Germany) who will harbour regrets.
Time will tell, but if the offer of a EU passport rather than a UK only one does come up I will be getting the EU one.
//In as far as we will regret leaving the EU I am certain he is correct.//

Eddie51 If you are a bit short at the moment, I am quite happy to buy you a one way ticket to the land of your dreams. The glorious EUSSR.
I have not changed my view of leaving and Junkers speech makes me glad of the view I hold.

Some people will regret leaving. Not everyone will be happy about it. However those people seem to be unable to convince themselves that it will be anything other than a total disaster. Even when evidence is presented to the contrary they fixate on the things that appear, on the face of it, to be tricky.

As I have always maintained, just because something is hard shouldn't mean you continue with it (in this case the EU).

The difference I can see to attitude to Brexit is that Leavers admit it won't be plain sailing but the mid to long term benefits far outweigh inertia and cowardice. Whereas Remainers see nothing but doom and gloom. Perhaps they have been so cosseted they are unable to appreciate that the UK was here long before the EU and functioned very well without it.

then you'd better be resident across the channel before June 2019 eddie.
naomi , Why is because I wish to retain the RIGHT I currently have to visit, travel, live and work in any EU country I choose with no permits , visas or permission at all. I am sure someone will come on and say that 'arrangements will be made' but an arrangement is not the same as a legal right. I can see a future where,employment in jobs that need frequent travel to EU states will specify that an EU passport is a requirement or is at least prefered to a UK only passport. I value my UK citizenship but I want EU citizenship in addition as I have now.
Eddie, people have always travelled and worked in Europe - and around the world. Your knees must be getting really sore with all the knocking they do.
You won't be able to hear them for the wailing of the leave voters.
they have been talking about EU citizenship on and off since the vote so as long as common sense prevails there will no doubt be some implementation that can be taken up by UK residents.
I am certain he is wrong !
Bunch of wimps.
Anyone who listens to Juncker & Verhofstadt wants their bumps felt.

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Salute The New Emporer Of Europe.

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