How Many More Must Die Till They Realise That "autopilot" Will Never Work?

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ToraToraTora | 14:07 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | News
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I don't blame the guy watching a film he was probably taken in by the hype.


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I don't see any reason to think it will never work with an accepted level of risk. You could have said the same thing about etting individual drivers loose on the roads 100 years ago
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yes but if you have to drive it yourself anyway what's the point?
The difficult period will be when autopilot vehicles and cars driven by drivers are both on the road at the same time. Once all vehicles are 'driverless' I can see things a being far safer than they are now
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what like this one? PMSL!
What happens when the family of people killed when driving on autopilot start suing Telsa (or other companies who make similar cars)?

They can say the autopilot technology was to blame for the death of their family member.

I can see some huge multi million dollar payouts in the USA and that could spell the end of auto mode driving.

Have any more died since this article was published?

This article is 1 year old
Sam Levin and Nicky Woolf in San Francisco
Friday 1 July 2016 18.43 BST
It is rather early days. It'll be 10-20 years before the trials are completed I expect
We already have hundreds of multi million pound claims every year in the UK from serious injuries/deaths caused by drivers. Settlements of 10 million pounds plus are not unususal at all
They still haven't realised that man will never be able to fly.
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"According to Tesla’s account of the crash, the car’s sensor system, against a bright spring sky, failed to distinguish a large white 18-wheel truck and trailer crossing the highway. In a blogpost, Tesla said the self-driving car attempted to drive full speed under the trailer “with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S” " - tried to drive under the trailer, short cut? PMSL!
## yes but if you have to drive it yourself anyway what's the point?##

I agree TTT, might as well get a taxi.
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Same crash
///The crash, in May 2016, led to the death of Tesla driver Joshua Brown, 40. The driver of the truck, which was pulling a trailer, was unhurt.///
When you look at the very old scientific movies of decades ago, they showed motorways in the sky, monorails, and similar mobiles/tablets we have today, with people talking to each other.
You've just reminded me of this, trt
Who were they calling though?
Couple of things I do not understand. I thought there was a 55 mph max speed limit on US roads? So how was he going so fast the truck driver did not see him? Second I thought the driver still had to steer the car while the 'auto' maintained as safe distance and speed in relation to other vehicles? This guy was watching a movie not looking at the road!
70MPH on interstate highways, Eddie
85 MPH in Texas.
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it's supposed to be fully autonomous eddie so if it's breaking the speed limit that's another bug!

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How Many More Must Die Till They Realise That "autopilot" Will Never Work?

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