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Ok....what's the question?
Aog is telling us that a New Plastic £10 is To Be Released On Thursday
hope it's vegan friendly!
Question Author
The question is "When are you going to stop being so aggressive"

Many enter items of news without the need to ask a question, so why am I any different?
-- answer removed --
Ta for the info, aog - am fairly sure Jane Austen will now be known as the "Tenner Lady" :-)
Question Author

/// Good Morning
Off to Ireland this morning. I haven't packed yet..... ///

Ok....what's the question?

Question Author
Lie-in King

Good one, lol.
Pack layers Ummmm, it's the safest way.

Nice Maj :-)
Question Author
Apparently we have until the spring to get rid of the old £10 note.

Leaves to look under the mattress. :0)
ummms' Chatterbank post that AOG has dug out was from a year ago
I'm no great defender of ummmm - she's big enough and strong enough to do that herself - but it reeks of desperation that you had to access her profile and scroll down nearly to the bottom of the page to find that AoG.

And ... IT WAS IN CHATTERBANK where posts don't need to be questions ... so you've wasted a lot of effort and look rather sad ...
AOG...did I post that in news? Or CB...the chatter place?
I've still got an old one pound note somewhere- in pristine condition. Probably worth nowt now
all this over a tenner jeeeeeeez!
Don't leaves under the mattress make a rustling sound?
Who rattled your cage Berniecuddles? :-).
i'll be able to stash them under my waterbed without fear of a leak ruining them

a mad woman with red mist in front of her eyes ;-)

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New Plastic £10 To Be Released On Thursday.

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