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I use cash no more than four times a month on average.

Plastic is far more convenient I find.
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/// Plastic is far more convenient I find. ///

Then these new plastic £10ers will be right down your street? :0)
Thanks aog. I didn't know we were getting a plastic £10 note.
AND a gentle reminder to spend all your old style £1 coins. They are not usuable in shops after 15 Oct - although you can pay them into bank accounts. I had some refused this afternoon..........
aog at 15:33 - nowt wrong with that x
I was just intrigued to see how this simple post could have generated over 80 replies!
This is the note with Jane Austen on it, which I greatly look forward to seeing (I am always glad to see a tenner!)
I'm having trouble getting rid of old pound coins. As soon as I find one I use it the next time I pay for something - but then another shop will give me one in change! Bit of a merry-go-round going on I think.
BM, since the old coins are legal tender still, I'm surprised they were refused.
I was a bit surprised too Corby. But she said she wouldnt accept it. Thankfully I had other means of payment, but if I'd just nipped down there with what I had in my pocket I'd have been hopping mad. (Tbh, she's a bit of a cow - her son and granddaughter are great, they would have done I am sure).
Surely the idea is that retailers accept them in order to take them out of circulation?
Well you would have thought so. She said she cant take it because she cant give it in change and that means that they have to buy change from the bank..... (This is slightly irritating particularly as they have a post office unit housed within the shop). Anyway, mental note not to take any old ones down there.
Does she not realise that an old pound coin is worth a pound still? It's not as if she loses anything each time she accepts one.
Like I said, she's a cow........
I think if I get caught out by the deadline I'll just dump the contents on my purse in the nearest charity box.

Warning notice to charities:- do not get overly excited by the cash contents of my purse!
why would anyone in their right mind pay £15 for a tenner ?
When the new fivers were issued, folk paid over the odds for notes with a serial number starting "AK47" yet there are literally a million fivers like that.
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I was unaware that the old £1 coin was being withdrawn from circulation.
Have all machines been converted to take the new coin?
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Oh calamity, calamity, it is a whole four months since a woman has appeared on our banknotes, except the Queen of course who has appeared on our bank notes since 1960, and with not one peep from any maleist.

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New Plastic £10 To Be Released On Thursday.

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