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if you mean the US of A, then no.

Really don't see the point of them as I think the President just spouts the same old nonsense (any President not just the current one)
Question Author
No I was talking about the one closer to home.

Very interesting viewing ... pity no ABers watched it.
when was it on? what channel?

Question Author
I watched it on the web but it will have been on plenty of news channels. Probably on BBC iplayer at some stage.

MEP's pose questions to Juncker but because he has a bad back he doesn't answer them ... marvellous excuse.

I suppose they had to schedule it before lunch ... he tends to be (ahem) (allegedly) "relaxed" later in the day ...
thanks Talbot, I keep forgetting about Iplayer (mentioned that on another thread, different category, have now put it on a sticky-note)

Junkers, oh, please, don't get me started on that plonker!!
are you talking about Unite? right state!

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