British Gas To Increase Their Electricity Charges By 12.5%

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anotheoldgit | 09:35 Tue 01st Aug 2017 | News
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Doubt it
I heard/read somewhere that this is the first price rise in 4 years.

I'm quite sure the Telegraph headline will make British Gas quake in their boots.

Don't think it will be an end to British Gas at all.
The vast majority of people have never switched even though savings of several hundred pounds a year could be achieved so it is unlikely significant numbers will move just because bills will go up by about £80 a year
well I am a British gas customer and I will now be seeking to transfer to another energy provider asap. It is an absolute disgrace
Should never have been privatised
I suspect if they were all privatised monpolies prices would be a lot higher- it' would have been easy money for a chancellor to raise revenue from a captive audience
Opps- i meant still nationalised!
Will not make any difference the others will do the same within a month or so.
Question Author
I recently had notification of a forthcoming huge increase in the price for my gas and electricity, phoned them up, first attempt afraid no change.
Phoned them again later the same day, different call handler, managed to get it reduced to less than I am paying now.
They are not the cheapest now, so I am doubtful many will switch. Also they are not raising their gas prices whereas others may do so.

If you look at what the others have done over the past few years you will find British Gas are not actually that much different.

Bottom line is you can switch so do so like you do your supermarket.
Actually, this is a "catch-up" price rise....British Gas didn't raise prices a while ago when all their competitors did. In fact, their electricity prices were frozen at November 2013 levels.
So, not quite the bad boys that eveyone thinks.
Not daft are they, wait four years and then put it up by a whopping 12 1/2%! May as well have put it up every year by 3% and have done with !
Yes I agree. Our Council got caught in the same fashion.
is it only British Gas? if so move on.
well, no, hereIam. The result may be the same next year now, but in the meantime their customers have been paying the old rate.

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British Gas To Increase Their Electricity Charges By 12.5%

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