Andy Murray & Wife Expecting Second Baby

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MargoTester | 13:22 Sun 02nd Jul 2017 | News
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Perhaps that's why his been off form :-)


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It's not really news, is it?
It was yesterday ;-)
Question Author
Well it was on the lunchtime news. Perhaps CB would have been more appropriate- beg pardon

New balls please!
I feel for him, plays havoc with your back.
It's his hop that's the problem. He was still limping yesterday. Can't be good if he's to get far into the tournament at Wimbledon.
^^his hip^^
Along with millions of others.
come on Andy son !!
Aye it was news this morning too.
Perhaps we will start to see a more human side of Andy now.
A second child will bring out a more human side to Andy? Medically proven !.?.LOL

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Andy Murray & Wife Expecting Second Baby

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