Trump Cancels State Visit

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Jon_Letko | 17:53 Sun 11th Jun 2017 | News
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"Donald Trump has told Theresa May in a phone call he does not want to go ahead with a state visit to Britain until the British public supports him coming."

According to The Guardian, Trump "did not want to come if there were large-scale protests" and the visit will now be "put on hold for some time."

What would it take for the British public to stop opposing Trump?


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Best news I've heard this year !!
I'd be be very supportive if he were to announce his resignation.........
^ It it's true! more 'alternative facts'?
Have to agree EDDIE brill news ..... Especially if it's on hold for sometime..yay!
I don't think the British public are opposing him I think that they are showing their dislike of his attitudes and his behaviour as well as his seeming lack of knowledge of world issues
When Obama met HM he flew to Windsor, then to Westminster to see Cameron. The public only saw him on tv
//What would it take for the British public to stop opposing Trump? //
His resignation!!!
Didn't see the complaints when, China, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E,
came to visit all with dire human right records.

Quite simply, an element of the British public would permanently oppose Trump.

Trump has made a judgment call at this time that he feels that it would not be wise for him to attend.

I'm not sure at what stage Trump could consider that he has enough support.

How would he know that his 'rating' has improved and how would he be measured exactly?
He'd monitor the views of him at AB of course.
Probably feels it isn't safe in the UK at the moment. Probably advise the American public that it is unwise to visit as well. :))
Oh my, has Trump dumped his bff now she is not so popular with the masses ?
Yep after the golf course spat he refuses to visit the First Miniature.
What a sad country this is becoming.
dunno what he's on about, only 2m against, that leaves 58m not against!
58m who haven't expressed their views...or can't express them.
I don't blame him.......if the majority of comments from ABers are to be taken seriously.
He is the President of the United States, voted in by their method of voting and what is he going to get out of a country that has little idea of it's own policies.
No...good on yer Trump.
I think the Queen might be breathing a sigh of relief. :-)

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Trump Cancels State Visit

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