Now We See The True Face Of The Eu - Merel/germany.

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youngmafbog | 08:34 Thu 18th May 2017 | News
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It is becoming more and more clearer that the EU is basically Germany ruling Europe, achieving through stealth what they failed to do with two world wars. Here is Merkel threatening us yet again to add more with to it.

I think we have seen German like this before.


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She's just sounding off. Nothing she can do to make Britain "pay the price" will not force Germany and the rest of the EU to pay also. A good deal requires benefits for all. No sane individual ruins their chance of the best deal no matter how tough they talk beforehand.
Nasty nonetheless. With friends like her ....

Thank goodness we're getting out.
Regardless of the merits or otherwise of this measure, you unserstand nothing of the modern German mentality if you think it is interested in "dominating" Europe. Their whole world view is obsessed precisely with NOT doing that. You may not agree with the way they go about it, but that is the way it is. And an EU without the UK in it will leave Germany even more "powerful".
Meanwhile the true heirs of Herr Hitler, the AFD, and Pegida, get praised by many.
It's a mad world indeed :-)
I'm trying to decide if it's couched in threatening language because that's how Merkel meant it, or if she was simply stating a likely truth, ie that the UK is likely to suffer negative consequences if it tries to cap immigration because actually it's a good thing overall -- and the Mail is making it sound like a threat because, well, that's what it does.

Especially if the migrant cap includes students, which is I believe what's intended, then yes it means negative consequences -- not because of retribution but because it's just a massive case of national self-harming.
I think the good Frau would be wise to look at previous German leaders' attempts to threaten Britain.
No one should forget that she is a former communist from the DDR, she is, under the false soft exterior she tries to display, a hard as nails, ruthless politician who got to where she is by stabbing her former protector, Helmut Kohl in the back.
Nobody got to the top of the communist party without being devious and downright unpleasant, at which she is an expert, but despite her powerful position as Chancellor and the p.r. spin-lie that people call her 'Mutti' (mother, they don't), she is not "Germany".
Geez oh, is this the track brexiteers are going to take, any negative point made by Merkel they will use ( the Hitler) card............. Pathetic
A bit of posturing, I suspect, a bit like Theresa May threatening the EU over anti-terror measures.
well we can see what side you are on Anne.
Everything has a price. If we look at other countries that have trade deals with the EU how much do they Pay? How much integration are they expected to accept for trade?

We will be no different to any other trading nation wishing to trade with and within the EU.

That said we should not be looking to accept anything that is not in the best interests of the UK. And we absolutely should not accept EU rules on domestic policy of any kind. That is one reason we are leaving.
I have said before Young.m.b. that the hidden agenda across the EU block was to wave the immigrants across Europe and covertly assist them on their way to the EU destination of choice.......Britain. They are now panicking at the prospect of being stuck with the influx and the realisation that they cannot now funnel them to the UK. Why do you think that the French allowed the Calais debacle, and the illegal immigrants once, in Europe were able to use public transport with no discernable checks and without tickets, destination UK.
Merkel is, of course, Hitler's love child. She had to shave off her moustache because it was thought a little too obvious, though I am told it is replicated on another part of her anatomy shown only in secret ceremonies with other Keepers of the Flame.
The mentality of brexit from scoop !!!!!!
Just a joke, anneasquith
Then I apologize, I find these helpful :-) :-).
No joking allowed on AB even if it is so obvious as to be laughable that anyone didn't see it as such.
Oh why don't emoticons work on AB. It would be so much easier. They disappear and I loose the end of my posts when I forget and put them in???
And the true face of the Mail also persists.
Question Author
Anne, you do realise no one mentioned Hitler until YOU did....... Pathetic.

Other Germans have threatened us too you know.

I disagree Ick, whilst many Germans may not hold the view of Europe by violence a good number would be more than satisfied if it happened to come to pass by 'peace'.

And now we have mentioned Hitler remember he started with a minority and took over but was then followed by the masses.

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Now We See The True Face Of The Eu - Merel/germany.

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