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EDDIE51 | 10:22 Thu 11th May 2017 | News
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What is the most pointless headline you have seen in your local paper?
Mine today has 'Couple Shocked By Rat Response'
A pensioner couple spotted rats in a supermarket car park and reported it to the staff.
The staff 'were not interested and seemed to treat it as a joke' according to the paper.
Can you better that?


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Perhaps it was Roland making a comeback?
i can remember a reporter on the chase from the isle of wight who reported about a bomb, the headline said shell found on beach .
did the article say what the rat's response was?
Slightly off topic, but....

The Tetbury rag had the headline 'Local Man Weds', when Prince Charles married Camilla.

I thought it a wonderfully understated comedic headline that was sure to appeal to the couple.
Isn't this what local papers are all about.
You hardly expect to find Pulzer winning journalists do you!!
Very true, Islay, Google "Argus headlines" and you'll find all sorts of billboards about seagulls in Brighton.
- "Hey rat fans"
While not a local paper many years ago I saw the results of a completion for people to come up with the least interesting headline (an article that few people would read)

The winner was

"Small earthquake in Chile, not many dead"
The competition for most exciting headline winner was:

"Pope's wife gives birth to twins"
It is alleged that on the 17th April 2012, in response to the sinking of the Titanic two days earlier, the Glasgow Herald ran a feature, almost hidden away on page 9 which simply said, "HillHead woman involved in sea drama!"
From a Westcountry paper - "Drive-by yoghurt attack on crochet teacher's haberdashery leaves her shaken"
When Dick Advocaat became the rangers manager in the late 90s the back page of the daily record had in large letters "Dick heads for Ibrox" really made me lol
Phew - I must rush out & get a copy ...
//Google "Argus headlines"//
make sure you don't google ''argos headlines'' as you'll be inundated with unwanted offers

The competition for most exciting headline winner was:

"Pope's wife gives birth to twins" //

Or even "Pope pregnant"

Krasnaya Zvezda, The Soviet army newspaper, had a January headline once that read
"New Year continues" ("New Year" was a military exercise in fact, but it was a headline in keeping with the whole stultifying publication)
Private Eye's headline when Kate Middleton gave birth to prince George was: Woman has baby....
Question Author
Page 2 had a story 'Small fire in wheelie bin ' about a woman who's bin caught fire but was 'soon controlled by fire service'
From the North Devon Journal - "Dog savages bush in Rock Park"

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