Is Britain Really A Free Nation Or Democracy?

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vernonk | 05:02 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | News
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In order not to apparently upset the legions of foreigners (yes, intended) particularly of a certain religion, allowed into Britain, it seems we are no longer free to say much of what we think and the UK's original religion Christianity is suppressed and gradually pushed out along with Christian celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Sharia Law is increasingly allowed to exist alongside traditional British law. Only last year, Britain voted to leave the European Union, yet those who oppose that decision have been allowed to delay it and may yet overturn it. So is Britain really a free nation or democracy anymore, and will it ever return to being so?


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That's mathematically impossible.

Countries most in favour of sharia being the law of the land tend to have legal systems that already favour Islam over other religions.

By contrast, inhabitants of countries, like Turkey (which has a tradition of separating state and religion), and - like former Soviet bloc countries - had been secularised from the centre, tended to be less in favour of sharia becoming the law of the land.

In Azerbaijan, for example, only 8 per cent are in favour, followed by Kazakhstan (10 per cent), Turkey (12 per cent), Albania (12 per cent) and Bosnia (15 per cent).

So, in order for Sharia to supersede UK civil law, the UK Muslim population would have to

a) explode - by this, I mean REALLY explode, by numbers which are humanly impossible.

b) have a growth rate from specific Muslim communities, those that favour Sharia law, and that's Afghans, Iraqis, those of the Palestinian Territories, Malaysians and those from Niger.

The maths don't add up.
it is still a free nation and a democracy, we have free elections, rights under British law, and all manner of freedoms, like the press for example.
i too lament though the curtailing of certain aspects of British life, but if SP is correct and who is to say.

sharia law won't overtake British law any time soon,
nor will we become a Muslim nation one day, at least i sincerely hope not, for our children's sake.
Today's anti Muslim thread ? Yes.
its a free debate and many participate, on a/b or outside.
sp gives some very valid points on matters regarding
Islam and its people.
Of course you can say what you want - what you cannot say is offensive claptrap to any religion or race that you feel you have a right to spout!
Sharia Law is not existing alongside 'traditional' British law, and when has Easter and Christmas been pushed out? Christianity is fading because people no longer feel the need to believe in and be told what to do by the church!
Out of interest do you attend church every week Veronk?
//Sharia Law is not existing alongside 'traditional' British law//

I think you will find it does.

They are still bound by British law.
Sharia law wrongly (IMO) applies to some women in this country.

Women died fighting for women's rights ... Today's woman doesn't seem to care that much, sort of I'm all right Jackeline.
many women do care, they just don't voice it so much as they used to.
I don't see many of AB's female contingent showing much support ... I actually see more tacit support for sharia.
What do you expect us to say?
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i am against Sharia Law in all its forms, and Jewish courts, and anything that is outside even remotely, British law. Many Muslim women get a bad deal in my opinion having to mediate at sharia courts, even so far as divorce is concerned, its nearly always seems to favour the man.
“Sharia Law is not existing alongside 'traditional' British law…”

Yes it does, Islay, as I have explained a number of times before here on AB. Sharia Councils exist across the UK and rule on matters which, according to the terms of the Arbitration Act under which they are countenanced, they should not and which should only be addressed by “proper” courts. Many Muslim women have little choice but to have their family matters settled by Sharia Councils.

Had not the Europeans in medieval times (especially those on the Iberian Peninsula) recognised and reacted to the threat of Islam, mainland Europe would by now be an Islamic continent. The overthrow and expulsion of the Moors from North Africa took around 800 years and was only effectively completed at the end of the 15th century. The current European population, who have had far more liberal attitudes rammed down their throats without reference to history, will not be so lucky. Not only are no efforts being made to expunge Islam from Europe but many people (from those in power all the way to some here on AB) refuse to accept that any problem exists.
As far as I am aware, Jewish courts concern themselves with exclusively religious matters and make no attempt to supersede the law of the land.

The West used to be proud of being the land of the free. European museums, instead, are rapidly submitting to Islamic correctness. The exhibition "Passion for Freedom" at the Mall Gallery in London censored the light box tableaux of a family of toy animals living in an enchanted valley,The brave work of the artist Mimsy, "ISIS Threaten Sylvania", which satirized the brutality of ISIS, was removed from London's Mall Galleries after the British police defined it "inflammatory."
"The Louvre will be dedicating a new section to the artistic heritage of Eastern Christians", then President Nicholas Sarkozy announced in 2010. But the project was scrapped by the museum's new management, with the approval of President Hollande's culture ministry. So today, the Louvre has a section dedicated to Islamic art, but nothing on Eastern Christianity.

Vernonk, AOG,and others...Kromo, Kvalidir, SP, and myself are debunking the essential points in this post :::

Christianity is not being "suppressed and pushed out along with Christian celebrations, such as Christmas and Easter"

Sharia Law will never replace British law. Sharia Law is optional....British law isn't.

The point about Brexit is an entire red herring, and has nothing to do with the first few erroneous points.

This is just an anti-Muslim rant and despite what I said before, isn't even in disguise.

Vernonk....if you want to make an anti-Muslim rant go ahead, but you will need to make a much better attempt at it than this !
Too many mosques in my country, too many halal slaughterhouses in my country, too many muslims in my country. Yes, they ARE taking over. Yes, this is an anti-muslin rant and I don't care ....
// Good grief calm down, no-one has taken anyone's freedoms.//

well um yes it has - creeping nanny statism

In France - search without warrant (I am not sure if you need reasonable suspicion of terrorism) - policiers ( les bizzies a Paris) (les flics - tu sais eh?) carrying guns off duty for protection - all freedoms under erosion in the name of prevention of terrorism.

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