Like Katie Hopkins Is Anyone Else Getting A Little Fed-Up With The Young Royals Bleating On?

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anotheoldgit | 13:43 Thu 20th Apr 2017 | News
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/// After hearing from two mothers who admitted feeling in need of a friend when they had small babies, she also said of being a mum: 'It is lonely at times. You do feel quite
isolated. ///

Oh yes we all know how isolated it can get when one has a multitude of servants,wet-nurses and Nannies around one?

/// Smiling Kate interjected: 'I'm shy as well, so don't worry.' ///

The Duchess of Cambridge, shy?????


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1. No.
2. I think she is naturally shy.
Katie seems to have added ten years to the Queen's reign. She has ruled for 65 years, not 75.
Not in the least bit fed up of these lovely young people showing how human they are and on hearing from those who have chatted to them, they do a lot of good.
she probably is, fancy being followed, snapped at by paparazzi all the time. Diana was also shy at first, until she realised that the press do have their uses.

as to Prince Harry and William this is the first time they have spoken about their mothers death, which is a remarkable achievement in itself.
"...fancy being followed, snapped at by paparazzi all the time."

Yes, very disturbing. She could not possibly have expected that to happen following her marriage to the second in line to the Throne.

Enough from the two Princes, methinks.
both princes are involved in mental health charities, which means they have first hand knowledge so can speak from experience. I admire them for being so open and above board.
Two pampered elites do not have the first clue, let alone experience, of what the majority of the rest of us have to deal with.

About time they shut up.
if your mother was killed in such a manner and you had to keep a stiff upper lip all your life about it, i bet you couldn't do it. Good on them for speaking out. I wish them all well.
Actually yes I am a little
I don't want to know if Kate has piles when she was pregnant in fact I don't want to know any of their medical details
As for Diana - well I'm sure she was a good mother the few hours during the few weeks a year she saw them
Youngmaf, if you really think wealth and privilege preclude you from mental anguish and all that entails you are sorely mistaken.

is anyone getting fed up with AOG treating Katie H like a saint - more saintly than Princess Di ? yup

sorry if it is a choice between you on a gee gee
or Prince harry - I could choose Prince H

as for Prince harry with his clothes off or half of them .......
I dont have their life of luxury, flunkies around me and private health on tap.

Many people loose a parent, or even parents (if you could call jug ears one I suppose) they have little choice but to get on with life since life is not on a plate for them. They are NOT comparable to each and every one of us in any shape or form.
Mammy, I can guarantee if helps.
Well, good for you that it did.
i know first hand what its like to be in mental anguish, and to end up in a home, its no easy thing i can tell you.
No. I don't have any problem with them at all.
I am with Emmie here.

I am far from being a Royalist, but what the Princes have been saying for the last two days is to be applauded. I would rather listen to them any day, then listen to this ghastly woman.
I am a BIG fan of these three (esp. Harry) and would echo what Mamya says at 13:47.
I am getting more than a little tired of Katie Hopkins, and of people thinking her views on anything are worth repeating on here.
"...fancy being followed, snapped at by paparazzi all the time."

One gets used to it, I know I did.

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Like Katie Hopkins Is Anyone Else Getting A Little Fed-Up With The Young Royals Bleating On?

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