Like Katie Hopkins Is Anyone Else Getting A Little Fed-Up With The Young Royals Bleating On?

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anotheoldgit | 13:43 Thu 20th Apr 2017 | News
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/// After hearing from two mothers who admitted feeling in need of a friend when they had small babies, she also said of being a mum: 'It is lonely at times. You do feel quite
isolated. ///

Oh yes we all know how isolated it can get when one has a multitude of servants,wet-nurses and Nannies around one?

/// Smiling Kate interjected: 'I'm shy as well, so don't worry.' ///

The Duchess of Cambridge, shy?????


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Ummm....My Dad was Irish, although he had a largely "Welsh" funeral when he died 19 years ago. Its just that I thought making those two young boys perform on the day of the funeral was reprehensible. They must have been desperately unhappy.
No matter what type of funeral you have it's never going to be happy. I had to sit with my dead father in an open coffin for hours while people came and went to pay their last respects, so did my children, walking behind a hearse would have been easier. unhappy experience for you no doubt, and you have my sympathy. But I am guessing that you didn't have to do it with a world-wide audience of billions watching.
No....but I wasn't born into that life.

I grew up knowing that when my grandparents/parents died they'd be an open coffin. I'm sure the Princes knew what to expect if anything happened to their parents.
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/// Mamy...never sure what is acceptable on AB and what is not which is why I used the medical word, which I am confident was understood by all. ///

You could have politely said: " I am sorry jambutty but I disagree with you".

But then that is not your way is it mikey?
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/// What are you on about 'wet nurses'? ///

I would have thought you would know what a wet nurse was.
I know what a wet nurse is but I very much doubt they would use one.
I don't think the royals, or anyone else much, has used a wet nurse since Victoria's time. There are cheaper alternatives to breastfeeding these days.

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Like Katie Hopkins Is Anyone Else Getting A Little Fed-Up With The Young Royals Bleating On?

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