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Particularly Muslim women, samjenko
16:39 Tue 04th Apr 2017
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Just as I've long suspected. ;)
That's because readers of news can see what is going on in the world. Non news readers are probably blissfully unaware of Islam (or more vaguely aware) and the problems it forces on the world therefore more tolerant.

Ergo ignorance is bliss lol
you're conflating "people who read the news" with "well informed people".
Did you actually read the article, or is it a tongue-in-cheek posting?
Just another anti-Muslim OP !
I wonder if the world of muslims would take notice if a few Mosques started getting blown up? & the way things are going that's going to happen.

Well, I've just read the Link and I can't see anything anti-muslim in it Mikey.
surely that’s a comment (the OP) on what is in the papers rather than on how informed or otherwise people are?
That is an utterly ludicrous jump of pretend logical connection, and it's totally bogus and collapses under simple analysis.

Anyone who find their Islamophopbia rooted in the nonsense the that press trot out deserves to be called out for the ignorant mind-dead idiots that they are.

Any intelligent person who reads news does so with one eye on the continuing under-cuurent of any topical news story, the need to engage the readership, and pander to their passions.

That's why you may will find a review of a new Soho eatery in The Times, but not in The Sun, and you'll find 'Islam is invading Britain!! (Shock Horror Probe!!!!!)' in The Sun, and not in The Times.

It's a pitiful puff piece, and does not deserve any further comment.

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Read the letters. Lol, didn't go the way the Indi was hoping.
The question that should be asked of people who defend Islam is “What are you defending?”
Naomi - //andy-hughes, as I said earlier your hang-ups are your problem. Now let us get back to the thread. //

Indeed - but until they get here, I am happy to clarify my position, and every post I have ever made on the subject bears out what I say -
I am not a 'defender' of Islam, but I absolutely defend Muslims from the unwarranted and ignorant attacks they receive on here - and that is because they are attacked without due cause, not because they are Muslims.

I put exactly the same time and energy into defending women attacked and raped by loutish overpaid footballers, and again, for exactly the same reason.
Ooops - wrong quote posted - apologies.
-- answer removed --
Only ill-informed people defend ANY religion.

So nothing new to report. Move along.
Listen to an actual moderate Muslim

Please tell me what you think of the video. It says to me Islam is a misogynistic religion.

What say you?
diverbuddy - //So if the media stopped reporting Muslim terrorist incidents and instead concentrated on celebratory Muslim bake-offs, we'd all love 'em for the cute fluffy bunnies they really are. //

Welcome to the debate and straight in with a 'So' Rule breaker - fantastic!

No-one is suggesting that the media should stop reporting any news - and Islamist (as opposed to Muslim) atrocities are news which should be reported.

It's the insidious drip-drip-drip in the way the media tries to slant everything towards its self-concocted 'They're trying to take over !!!!!' garbage, which fuels the fears of its readership and leads to bigotry and hatred.

That is what should be curtailed.

News is valuable - scare mongering and frightening people with lies is not.
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andy-hughes, -
I am not a 'defender' of Islam, but I absolutely defend Muslims from the unwarranted and ignorant attacks they receive on here -

I'd suggest that is exactly where you, and others, are going wrong.
Nobody, as far as I'm aware, dislikes/attacks Muslims on this site.
A lot of people dislike (hate, in my case) Islam and many of the things it stands for.
Afaic, Muslims are the biggest victim of Islam.
Particularly Muslim women, samjenko
Talbot - // Please tell me what you think of the video.//

I think it equates to Tommy Robinson talking, and people concluding that he speaks for the Church Of England, and all its worshipers.

Of course, he doesn't - but neither does this guy.

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Only Ill Informed People Defend Islam

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