You Just Can't Parody The Left Anymore

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Samjenko | 03:30 Fri 24th Mar 2017 | News
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George Eaton‏Verified account

A snapshot of London's magnificent diversity in those injured: French, Romanian, Korean, German, Polish, Irish, Chinese, US, Italian, Greek.


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What? We allow Irish people into the country now? And tourists? I'm not sure what your point is. By the way your old avatar still shows on some screens giving away your old user ID
Question Author
If you don't understand, I'm not sure I can explain it to you.

What is this old avatar? This old ID that lefty keeps hinting at?
Question Author
I've chosen 'the moonrakers' as an avatar but all I can see is the jellymen.
Question Author
Just found the 'activate avatar' button. Jolly good.
I don't understand the point you're trying to make.
Question Author
What can I say?
I don't think he thought about that statement before he tweeted, or twitted it.

There's been a bit of a backlash.
You could explain your point.

London is full of tourists as well as people living there from different nationalities.
Question Author
If you and the teacher don't get it, ummmm, I don't think I can explain it to you.
Tilly does.
Maybe the use of the word magnificent was a strange one and that is the moonraker's point.
Some of the tweets in response refer to the killer as an Arab but according to Radio 4 this morning it seems he was born here as Adrian something and converted to Islam much later in life.
I'm not sure which lefty you refer to but if you mean me then as I have said before i haven't voted Labour since 1979- in fact I have pronbaly vote dfor the same party as you (until UKIP came along)
I know people who live in London who love the diversity there, but I realise there are people who feel uncomfortable- maybe because they haven't experienced it- and don't realise the benefits London gets from tourism
Question Author
Christ Almighty.
Who but the Left would rejoice at London's diversity, by using the poor people who were victims of that Muslim mad man, as examples?
The point is clear

*** ing stupid tweet.

How come the the American didn't get a mention?
Why is it stupid? I think "US" is in there by the way ...

And I bet if you asked any MP - Labour, or Tory - and probably even old Duggie, who seems comparatively reasonably, they'd say the same thing.
Question Author
Very few people are that stupid, ichi. But I dare say you could be right about Labour MPs.
Yes missed the US in there ... still a stupid tweet
Question Author
He missed us though. We don't count anymore.
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You Just Can't Parody The Left Anymore

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