Have Labour-Controlled Birmingham City Council Been Turning A Blind Eye?

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anotheoldgit | 16:09 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | News
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perhaps. Are these areas full of unemployed, because that is a dire breeding ground for extremists of all sorts.
//The council itself admitted in the aftermath of the Trojan Horse Scandal — when militant Muslims attempted to infiltrate state schools to impose an Islamic agenda — that it had shied away from the problem out of a ‘fear of being accused of racism’.//

It would appear so.

Someone on here was poking fun at Trump the other day,,,,,,,because he said there were no-go areas in Birmingham.
The voices of reason will be massing and will surely present the truth of the matter in an even-handed and sober way shortly.

Personally, I'm shocked that a used car salesman can't be trusted.
did he mean Birmingham Alabama?
as i couldn't see him knowing Britain all that well, unless he has some right wing advisors who are happy to stir the pot.
Question Author

/// unless he has some right wing advisors who are happy to stir the pot. ///

Perhaps he just has some advisors who are prepared to tell the truth?
I have been banging on about this for years thy are laughing at the white people of this country for years
i did have this discussion years ago with a then well known journalist, who worked for a Middle eastern magazine. He said over 30 years ago that Islam will be the next battle we will have to face, was he right..
Well the obvious answer is yes they have.

They have learnt nothing from the previous scandals and continue to be scared into inactivity by political correctness.

Other cities and towns with large Muslim populations do not breed extremists at such a rate so why there?

The thing I got from the article was that they are concentrated in one area rather than spread out and a lot do not speak English. The local councillors that get elected are Muslims which in turn brings hardliners out of the woodwork.

When there is little or no comeback on the way you live then you slip more and more into a way that is at odds with the national norm.

To a degree it is the same for any enclave.
It is of no surprise to me except that it's taken so long for a newspaper to print it.
I don't blame them - it's human nature to look after your own and your community. If those that are supposed to assure civil equity and fairness allow things to be skewed in your favour are you going to object? I don't think so. Probity is almost unknown in most of Asia so no one should be surprised.

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Have Labour-Controlled Birmingham City Council Been Turning A Blind Eye?

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