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Never mind, it's nice to see an apostrophe in the right place :)
08:50 Thu 16th Mar 2017
Question Author
One in the eye for all the bigots on here who deny they're progressive.
If those are the girls, what do the boys look like ?
Pictured: The steering committee of the group charged with bringing Saudi Arabia into the 17th century.
Is that a transgender girls school?

All I can see is men in dresses?
The girls were in another room with a video link.

At least they were able to say the words 'Girls Council' without imploding. Such forward thinking in a country such as Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly get the moralists turning in their graves. Girls Council! They'll be asking for equal rights next.
Never mind, it's nice to see an apostrophe in the right place :)
I'm sure all those blokes wearing tea-towels and bed sheets know what every girl in Saudi Arabia wants and desires.

What a forward thinking country.
Question Author
To be fair, oz. They're probably married to several of them. (each)
It's easy to scoff, but the serious change in social attitudes in such a repressive regime must be applauded.

It's true that cultural change moves with glacial slowness in some Arab cultures, but if they move at all, that has to be seen as something to be encouraged.
progress, maybe,
Meanwhile, here's the USA's committee on abortion rights :-);s=9#.WMqCG6JBqM9
doesn't bear think about.
Question Author
Nonsense, ichi. But even if it was, it would have no bearing on this.
Take it up with the lefty BBC then. That picture was taken from their piece on the Saudis (!)
Question Author
That says it all.
The article (which was light-hearted in tone) pointed out that there were actually "girls" in the council, albeit it in another room.
While it's anyone's guess where the women behind the Trumpster and his EO mates were ...
Ah Yes Ich, but only the picture went viral - they don't like things with context in those that start these trends.
Question Author
The picture has all the context any normal person needs.
Don't get me wrong, it is nothing for the Saudis to be proud of. But, as you say, pictures don't ALWAYS tell the whole story :-)
Usually ...

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